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FBI Hunts Conti Hackers with $15 Million

$15 Million Reward for Conti Arrest

Conti is one of the most infamous and dangerous groups of criminal hackers that dominates the hacking community on the dark web. They have made a fortune since emerging as one of the most prolific ransomware threat actors in the past several years

From the depths of the dark web, these criminal threat actors have been linked by cyber security defense to some of the most successful ransomware hijacks, which saw billions of dollars paid out annually by even fortune 500 companies to recover their private databases from the clutches of these criminal hackers.

Conti’s Russian Link

However, while hiding behind computer screens they are quickly running out of a priceless alternative – Freedom.
The tables are about to be turned on the Conti ransomware group, with the hunters becoming the prey, whereby the USA has offered a US$15 million ransom for the arrest of members of the notorious hacking organization.

The promised prize money will be given to anyone who dares to come forward with information that could lead to the capture of these dangerous hackers. The infamous Conti ransomware organization has been linked to the Russian federation.

Russian hackers are among the most dangerous of hackers lurking in the depths of the deep web, with Conti being tied to multiple extortion ransomware operations that have destroyed countless businesses all over the world in the last few years.

Conti Robs Over 1,000 Victims

According to Ned Price, a US State Department official, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates that in the year 2019 alone, Conti stole over US$150 million from over 1,000 victims. In 2021, the Conti hacking group infiltrated more than 16 US medical facilities, disrupting their service networks in most of the United States of America as well as wreaking havoc on tax services and logistical platforms in Costa Rica.

The spokesman went on the state that the Conti hacking organization is particularly infamous for carrying out some of the most dangerous and extreme malware to date. Just one of these outbreaks disrupted international trade between South America and its worldwide trading partners, making the Russian ransomware group an ever-growing threat on the FBI’s blacklist.

After all, the efforts made to catch these perpetrators, a bounty of $15 million dollars has since been offered to the public. Anyone with information that could result in the arrest of the leaders of Conti’s cyber-criminal organization is eligible to earn roughly $10 million (roughly Rs. 77 crores) as a reward. In addition, other Conti members have been given a $5 million bounty price tag (roughly Rs. 38 crores).

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