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New Tor Browser 11.5 Blocks Internet Censorship

Tor Project Adds New 2022 Privacy Feature

Tor Browser 11.5 is now available for download as revealed by the Tor Project team. The recently announced availability of the significantly enhanced Tor Browser 11.5 has been updated with features that boast a plethora of new functionality for easier usage. Additionally, the new release is capable of helping anonymous website users circumvent censorship.

For decades now, the Tor Project has answered the call for complete privacy for users who wished to access the Internet without having their every move being watched by third party websites. To provide anonymous access to website information, the Tor Browser development specifically focuses on privacy access via The Onion Router, which is also a part of the Tor network.

The dark web is a whole other side of the Internet that many people are afraid to traverse. However, those who wish to travel to the marketplaces found on the deep web will use the Onion Router to get to their preferred destinations. Thus, to accomplish this fete, the Onion Router works assiduously to encrypt all traffic directed through its network, which boasts a complicated layer of protection just like an Onion picked from your vegetable garden.

Tor Browser Automatic Block 

By downloading the Tor browser to utilize the Onion Router, website visitors’ search keywords traverse through a secured structure of network nodes. But to achieve remaining untraceable, the goal for such action depends on the exit node; it is used to relay data to the Internet user of a secured destination connection.

Recent installments from the Tor Project team include the Tor Browser 10.5, which capabilities include a much improved connection to the Tor browser. However, with version 11.5; its main upgrade focuses on allowing Internet users to avoid website censorship.

The newly improved bridge configurations, after being manually tested; shows that websites that censor search strings will find it difficult to unblock the Tor browser’s new privacy features. In addition, Internet searchers utilizing the newest version will have access to the “Connection Assist” feature.

The Default Setting for HTTPS

Tor Browser version 11.5 can easily configure geo-locations, as well as automatically assigns the correct bridge configuration that works best for each user. According to the project’s team, the “Connection Assist” can acquire updated country-specific alternatives to determine users’ location.

With the “HTTPS-Only Option” replacing the HTTPS-Everywhere extension; it’s now enabled as the default browser mode. The new version 11.5 ensures connection through its secure tunnel is 100 percent bulletproof. Therefore, protection from man-in-the-middle (MitM) hacker attacks and SSL stripping is completely blocked on rogue exit relays.

Improved Security Settings

The Network Options menu has been revised to “Connection Settings” in Tor Browser 11.5. Its change makes particular settings easier to understand. Additionally, the bridge configuration and automatic connection options facilitate easier Tor browser management.

Above all, the new interface affords perfect visualization with the configuration of emojis on the stored Bridges. Thus, allowing Internet surfers an easier recognized access settings for the Onion Router, which utilizes the Tor browser or search engine.

The latest Tor Browser can be downloaded as a portable or installable package for all OS network systems at the following link download portal.

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