Mozilla firefox 102 update

New Firefox Mozilla 102 Offers Internet Privacy

Internet Protection Blocks Spying Websites’ Tracking

Mozilla Firebox is the latest browser to launch an anti-tracking system to prevent third party enabled cookies from tracking its users. Internet privacy has become the main issue according to Mozilla, therefore, all Firefox users can now expect the browser’s default protection system to hide their browsing activities from intruding websites.

Cross-site tracking has been a huge problem when using the Internet for many consumers. Cyber analysts shared that most Internet browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and others, allow third party websites to use cookies to track Internet users.

The information gathered is then resold to marketing companies that targets individuals through adverts. However, many consumers have been annoyed with this intrusive and spam type of advertisement that targets them based on their search history.

When it comes to online privacy, boasted itself as the most private web browser that offers total anonymous Internet browsing. However, recently, others have joined the privacy platform with Google offering the Vytal extension that offers private browsing. And as of recently, Firefox users worldwide can utilize Mozilla’s 102 Total Cookie Protection, which is the latest offer available in the latest privacy upgrades.

Total Internet Privacy

Recently, the Internet browser announced the Mozilla Firefox 102 launch, revealing that the new privacy feature can wipe out tracking-related information from tracking websites’ URLs.

A component of Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection is the new Query Parameter Stripping capability. This new Mozilla program prevents attempts of software that often tracks your queries throughout the web. It also prevents them from creating browsing profiles, because these pervasive websites now have to retain their cookies in what are termed separate “jars.”

According to Firefox, many websites and even some popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Hubspot, Olytics, and Marketo track Internet consumers through custom URL query parameters. This is used in their visibility campaigns to gain insights into the number of clicks received on a particular link. One such scenario involves Facebook, which uses link clicks to trace outbound links, via a fbclid query parameter.

However, Mozilla 102 is built to protect by default against cross-site tracking while browsing. Mozilla enabling its Total Cookie Protection is set for privacy improvements for users worldwide.

How does Firebox Mozilla 102 works?

When users click on a link or copy and paste a URL into a browser address bar, the new Firefox 102 uses its “Query Parameter Stripping” feature, which automatically removes numerous query parameters that websites use in their tracking campaigns.

With the Mozilla Firefox 102, it is easy to activate and use the new privacy feature. Go to Firefox Settings, click on Privacy & Security, then modify the settings of the “Enhanced Tracking Protection” to activate query parameter stripping, which will protect and enhance your security online, while surfing the World Wide Web.

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