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Microsoft Issued Update on 16 Hour Blackout

Microsoft 365 Hit by Global Power Outage

A massive blackout that spread across multiple countries has finally been addressed by the Microsoft cyber tech team. The company spokesperson revealed the source of the worldwide power outage that affected millions of customers that experienced the blackout with Microsoft 365.

The power failure on the Microsoft infrastructure resulted in a plethora of difficulties that caused a dynamically extra surge in traffic. Further, the traffic management servicing protocol was also disabled causing widespread limited accessibility across numerous countries.

According to the latest Microsoft update, the problem occurred on June 20, when customers began reporting that they were experiencing difficulties while attempting to access their Microsoft 365 accounts.

Blocked Exchange Online Mailboxes

Customers stated that they were prompted with repeat re-login requests for emails and other regular services. In addition, clients were unsuccessful in accessing Microsoft’s Exchange Online mailboxes. Also, attempting to link multiple access methods resulted in requests being trapped in queues, which caused excessively long delays when trying to gain access to the Microsoft 365 services.

According to Microsoft, during the incident, the company’s technical support team collaborated to address the problems that affects the main platforms inclusive of the Exchange Online hosted email platform, Universal Print, SharePoint Online, and the Graph API.

However, while the root cause of the problem was not addressed by the Microsoft response team, some analysts theorized that several zero-day flaws that the tech giant fails to reveal to its consumers. Thus, those unreported vulnerabilities could have been targeted by criminal hackers, leading to the sudden 16 hour long blackout experienced by Microsoft’s customers across several regions.

Microsoft 365 Outage Update

With the ongoing investigation, the corporation shares fresh information on updates, while assuring customers to access their admin center and view file EX394347 and MO394389. However, despite Microsoft’s assurance consumers reported that they were left in the dark, as they were still unable to access the incident tickets.

Meanwhile, on June 21, 16 hours after the identified power outage, Microsoft updated its MO394389 service advisory about an infrastructure power failure. The tech giant states that the power loss experienced with Microsoft 365 traffic management services affects mostly its servers located in the Western part of Europe. In addition, its customer base in the Middle East, Africa, and some North American and Asia-Pacific countries also reported experiencing problems accessing the Microsoft 365 platform.

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