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New Software Prevents Ransomware Attacks

Microsoft Windows11 Detects Malware

Microsoft has joined the fight against ransomware hackers with some recent updates to its flagship program: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Now, the company has upgraded its program with high tech capabilities that prevent ransomware attacks actively launched by criminal hackers.

With its Beta Channel, the new Windows 11 software was built to stop the infiltration of ransomware viruses on networks that utilize the Microsoft newly released program.

For the recent Windows 11 rollout, the tech giant went above and beyond to strengthen and protect its brand against criminal hackers, who have decimated the online infrastructures of global enterprises with crippling ransomware attacks, over the past few decades.

New Upgrades Block Ransomware

The improvement through its Beta Channel versions (22621.450 and 22622.450), works in tandem to improve the security platform of the enterprise endpoint. Thus, making it more capable to better easily detects and intercepts even the most prolific ransomware attacks.

According to the Microsoft cyber security team, the company has implemented safety measures that improve the capabilities of the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. The new protocols give it the capacity not only to recognize ransomware threats; it now has a sophisticated platform to intercept and prevent these problematic threats of criminal hackers.

In addition, the Defender for Endpoint with its updated releases suggested that there were quite a few enhancements added to the software. Its storage replication was improved to deal with the congestion of low bandwidth associated with wide area networks (WAN), also file compression was set up that prevents problems associated with the Server Message Block (SMB).

The tech team also fixed problems that plague Microsoft Edge when operating in IE mode. Therefore, preventing the plethora of 0x80070026 errors, which occurs when data is being copied from network drives.

Windows Subsystem for Android

Other updates by the Windows Insider Program Team included the newly launched Windows Subsystem for Android; it is now available with all Windows 11 Insider channels.

According to Microsoft, version 2206.40000.15.0 includes updates compatibility in many software applications such as games, system networking, and other enhancements that includes reliability fixes that support games using joysticks (mapped to WASD). And with gamepads, easy mobility utilizing the arrow keys built into the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings.

Microsoft had also warned that is critical to disable the settings Advanced Networking with the usage of any VPNs. However, if the network gets disconnected, the IT team had rectified that problem with recent modification to the Windows Subsystem for Android. Thus, allowing Windows 11 Insiders to be able to utilize any VPN IP address with the recently upgraded Window’s Android apps.

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