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Windows 11 Smart App Blocks Hackers’ Malware

Smart App Control is the main security feature for Windows 11 newest version. This security feature was promoted to block hackers’ threats at the process level, who constantly targets vulnerable victims. Over the past few decades, dark web criminals have flipped the scripts of older software models, and have effectively wield them as weapons in their hacking campaigns.

Recently, Microsoft revealed that Enterprise and OS Security for Windows 11 utilizes the smart app control, which is capable of blocking risky iso and lnk files just like Macros. The new Windows 11 feature was built with additional support that should effectively block a number of harmful file types.

But, the hacking community have found ways to breach Microsoft’s latest security, and have latched on to the Microsoft Smart App Control to spread malicious malware in their phishing campaigns.

Blocks Dangerous Internet Files

The Smart App Control (SAC) was built to display a security message whenever it blocks a file that it labels as risky. Accordingly, the SAC tracking system would send this message: “An app that might be dangerous was blocked by Smart App Control.

In addition, a security specialist confirmed that SAC automatically blocks IMG, VHD, and VHDX files from opening. Another investigation done by BleepingComputer reveals that SAC also blocks .appref-ms,.bat,.cmd,.chm,.cpl,.js,.jse,.msc,.msp,.reg,.vbe,.vbs, and wsf files.

The older downloadable Windows Office files were used by attackers to inject malicious payloads on victims’ tech devices. Some of the files compromised by the dark web hackers include ISO, RAR, and Windows Shortcut (LNK) files.

To help in the fight against hackers, Microsoft blocked the threat actors from downloading and utilizing Office files on Macros. Thus, the move by the tech giant forced criminal hackers to find other types of files to deliver their maliciously coded payloads on victims’ tech gadgets.

In April, Microsoft introduced the Smart App Control with major security enhancement for its newest Windows 11 model. With the added security enhancement, SAC was coded to identify and allow only secure Apps.

However, the tech giant revealed that the Smart App Control would only work with earlier versions of Windows 11, and with older version after a fresh re-installation of the software.

Remove Dangerous Apps

As with all things tech, new software and gadgets sometimes come with a decent amount of flaws. However, the Smart App Control shows that it obviously could defend Microsoft consumers against hacking attacks. But it would still need to utilize Microsoft Defender to work effectively. In addition, it only works with the newest installment of the Windows 11 software.

Therefore, Microsoft users must update their computer systems to be able to access the new SAC feature. Above all, with a new installation, malicious Apps that were previously downloaded and installed would be deactivated from victims’ IOS and Android devices.

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