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DuckDuckGo Offers Anonymous Email Service

DuckDuckGo’s 100% Email Security

Anonymous web surfing is synonymous with DuckDuckGo.com, so it is only natural for the private web browser to offer more than just web surfing to its millions of customers. Interestingly, anyone who is familiar with its premium private quality would be interested in its latest venture.

“@duck.com” – Yes, email addresses are being rolled out for individuals to now use the new DuckDuckGo’s “Email Protection” service. In July 2021, the company released its beta service, which was introduced as a freely accessible trial for every interested person to try out.

The new email service is built with anti-tracking capability with a direct focus on improved technology. Through embedded links; it offers a clever encryption service that prevents hackers from intercepting emails sent from the DuckDuckGo platform.

Encrypted Secured Emails

With DuckDuckGo’s clever encryption, email security will take on a whole new role in Internet safety. Now, individuals and businesses alike would be in charge of their correspondence infusion. Additionally, with DuckDuckGo, customers can expect a dedicated email forwarding solution, and secured Email Protection with all their correspondents.

Also, as with its private web surfing service, there will be no advertising, or profiling trackers allowed; this can only occur when the sent emails reached the user’s default inbox. Another awesome feature is that email users will get a brief detailed report that shows all the websites’ trackers that were eliminated by the new DuckDuckGo service. The customers would additionally know exactly which companies have unleashed trackers on the sent emails

According to DuckDuckGo, after more than a year of experimenting with the beta version; its testing indicates that trackers were hidden in at least 85% of sent emails. With the new email platform, a distinctive “@duck.com” address would be assigned to each customer. Additionally, the service can be utilized without switching to a DuckDuckGo email account.

DuckDuckGo Tackles Spam

Above all, its Email Protection comes with one of the best security features that any web browser could offer. Customers will have access to an infinite number of private email addresses that they can easily discard. This is done to curtail high-spam risk websites, which can easily be shut down if spamming gets out of hand. Thus, utilizing disposable Email addresses; reduces data breaches and unwanted exposure to criminals.

DuckDuckGo, now makes it even more impossible for hackers from the dark to commit scams through phishing campaigns. Furthermore, any record of the sent messages is destroyed within 30 days, upon closure of the account. Only a minimal amount of forwarded data is kept available for administrative purposes.

The new features released by DuckDuckGo unveiled enhancements to scripts, pictures, and other media files. Also, included are layers of URLs with a tracker blocking feature, which blocks link trackers frequently utilized to monitor campaigns launched by online marketers and hackers.

Anonymous Email Sign Up

Another unique feature is that if the email author used HTTP, the new “Smart Encryption” system automatically redirects to the HTTPS version of the targeted website. The ability to transmit or reply from Duck email addresses is another unique innovation that allows senders to remain anonymous.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to install the DuckDuckGo browser extension. Once you’ve turned the service on, you can sign up for DuckDuckGo Email Protection, then create a new account at “duckduckgo.com/email”.

From any mobile device; its easy to download DuckDuckGo’s most recent version for iOS or Android devices. Next, go to Settings to activate it, and choose Email Protection.

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