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Microsoft’s Secret File Tool Prevents Hacking

Windows Auto Control Locked Files

After significantly fixing some zero-day bugs, the new enhanced File Locksmith program, now has the capability to automatically open or delete locked files. Therefore, if a hacker has accessed your computer files, then accordingly as its name suggested, the compromised file could automatically be deleted, thus preventing your private data from being stolen.

Now, with this pivotal upgrade, website administrators’ right allows you to view all open documents discovered by the File Locksmith tool. The upgraded version can also run a fresh scan on the opened files. In addition, the newest version of the Hosts File Editor tool can easily process the Windows Hosts file; it can also force the link to open, or map the IP addresses hostnames.

According to the tech giant, within the context menu, its Windows users can view the programs that are utilizing specific files, However, in the past, this was impossible to achieve without the installation of a third-party tool, with the capability to remove files’ “locked” status.

Thus, the new Microsoft updated feature condenses large files by sorting and filtering them. And, most importantly, Microsoft’s support document highlighted that the hosts’ file editor “creates a backup of the hosts’ file before any editing session.” The created backup files are located “In the hosts’ file at %SystemRoot%/System32/drivers/.

How to use Microsoft PowerToys

The rebranded Windows PowerToys 0.64.0A version now hosts a file editor, which is set to enhance its other built-in utilities. Also, the upgraded PowerToy not only identifies the software or process that has accessed the file, but it can also automatically close all opened files.

Microsoft demonstrated the ease with which users can access its tool’s locksmith feature. This can be done by going to File Explorer and right-clicking the files tab. Next, clients can select the option “What’s using this file?”

Microsoft released PowerToys in September 2019, the open-source bundle enhances clients’ capability, to automatically control Windows files without acquiring third-party processors.

With Microsoft’s upgraded PowerToy suite, it offers even more unlocking capabilities for locked files. The program dubbed Windows “LockSmith” PowerToy now has a new feature added to the mix. The new add-on will make it easier to locate particular locked files and bypass third-party programs to unlock them.

To access the new ‘Locksmith’ tools, download the PowerToys 0.64 installer from the project’s GitHub page, which hosts PowerToysBackup YYYYMMDDHHMMSS. Next, run and install the program on your computer to access the most recent version of the Microsoft PowerToys suite.

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