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New Samsung Feature Prevents Data Theft

Anti Theft System Protects Important Info

The market for stolen information is thriving on the dark web, where hackers sell the private data of their victims. Many individuals, especially in the United States have been victims of identity theft, over the last two decades. With stolen information being done mostly by hacking Android devices, Samsung has piloted a program that could curtail the theft of private data on its clients’ smartphones.

With this new initiative, Samsung revealed that the company is geared toward protecting the sensitive information of its consumers, especially when their smartphones are left at service centers for repair.

This pilot program that protects Samsung phones’ sensitive data is a new Maintenance Mode feature. From Korea, where the promising program was piloted and launched, Samsung stated that the new feature would be accessible to its millions of global consumers.

Accordingly, this should be a game changer with the newly introduce Maintenance Mode feature, which allows customers to safeguard their private information from getting into the hands of unauthorized individuals.

Repair Mode Blocks Access

The unique theft prevention capability makes it impossible to access and copy private data on Samsung phones. In addition, the tech company safeguard upgrades limits all physical access to the device.

According to Samsung, the ground-breaking technology should boost its consumers’ confidence. The additional upgrade creates two separate user accounts on the device, one that is accessed by the service repair technician. Meanwhile, the second user account prevents access to the programs installed on the phone.

Also, the data and filesystem hosting documents, pictures, and other communication apps are inaccessible to the phone repair technician.

Warnings have also been issued to set measures that prevent the malfunctions of storage media while being repairing the phone. Individuals are warned to used extra back up storage to ensure the protection of important personal data.

Galaxy S21 and S22 Upgrades

However, service professionals utilizing the Maintenance Mode for repairs can still evaluate the phone’s functionality via the system applications, or by downloading needed software from the Galaxy Store.

After the repair service, the second account has the ability to delete all data or apps installed while the Maintenance Mode is active. But the instant deletion process can only occur after the owner input their password into the phone.

For now, the Maintenance Mode is only available for Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22 series handsets operating on One UI 5. Other Samsung models are set to receive the upgraded feature, as the Korean tech giant gradually rolls out its smartphone improved feature.

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