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Latest Android Malware; Moonshine Virus Steals WeChat, SMS Data

On your Android mobile phone, you can download Apps from Google Play to enhance your mobile experience. However, oftentimes, the most enticing Apps are from private developers, and could even belong to hackers. With Google Play being the premier official marketplace for Android Apps developers, threat actors have constantly targeted its platform to earn income from unsuspecting victims.

Now, with the upload of a large number of malicious Apps and games on the Google Play Store, individuals are warned to keep up with updates on the latest Android App malware.

As of November 2022, the Lookout cyber security analysts have issued their findings on the Moonshine malware, which is linked to Chinese dark web hackers. Reportedly, this is a relaunch of a virus that was first discovered in 2019 by CitizenLab cyber researchers. This maliciously coded App that had previously targeted mostly Tibetan organizations was recently uploaded to the Apple App Store by criminal hackers.

The Moonshine malware was coded to interact with the malicious C2 commands, and while its spyware capabilities are limited, it still exposes the GPS tracking coordinates of infected tech devices. Also, the Lookout cyber security team have released information about the functionality of the Moonshine malware that gathers information through C2 commands.

Moonshine Malware Attacks

Utilizes call logging to steal contact information.

Obtain documents specified by C2 command.

It reveals GPS device location information.

SMS messages can be stolen.

Hijacks infected devices’ camera and microphone functions.

Set up SOCKS proxy Steal WeChat private data

Easy way to remove Android malware

You need to uninstall any App that has negative reviews or has been reported as malware.

Here’s how to locate and remove viruses and spyware from your Android devices.

First, before downloading any Apps, you must first conduct an online search to discover if there are any unfavorable reviews from other users. You must research all Apps before downloading from the Google Play Store, Apple App stores or other third party Apps store.

If you’ve found that a malicious App is hijacking your device, you must first locate it, then go through your phone’s settings to learn how to manually uninstall unwanted programs. Always run a virus check to assist you to get rid of all malware remnants.

However, you should engage a professional if you find it too challenging to eliminate the hazardous Malware. Your best option is to hire a phone repair technician who can physically purge your Android phone, computer or laptop of any signs of a harmful virus.

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