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Instagram Fixes Bug that Blocks Accounts

Hackers Hacked Instagram – Again?

Suspiciously disabled Instagram accounts locks out users and deletes followers. Instagram announced that it had fixed a bug that causes a massive outage on its platform. However, some serious damages were already done to its customer base with some account holders reporting that they’ve lost a large number of followers.

So far, a lot of its faithful followers who depend on the popular platform are set to experience a loss in business. The unexplained outage crippling effect on the social media platform is likely to cause billions of dollars in damages. Now, the unexpected debacle has sent the Instagram management team in damage control.

Above all, the backlash could be severe for the social media platform, as Instagram influencers are mostly likely to feel the adverse effect of the abrupt drop in followers, especially, those who were blocked from logging into their accounts.

Crippling Bug Devastate Followers’ Accounts

Talk about a horrible day, especially for those who earns from one of the most popular social media platforms. Some account holders stated that while they were able to log in, they discovered that they had also experienced a massive drop in followers.

Meanwhile, others who previously reported that their accounts had been disabled are now able to gain access. But this was after Instagram acknowledged the outage, and stated that they had fixed the problem that causes the suspension of users’ accounts. In addition, the company’s PR team issued an apology, while promising to launch a full-scale investigation.

Instagram Hacked – Again?

However, could it be that was Instagram hacked. Did hackers attack the popular social media platform – again? According to a previous report, earlier in October, some users with IOS devices were blocked from accessing Instagram.

Also, this latest outage notified account holders that their accounts were suspended for violating Instagram Community Guidelines. The warning also stated that individuals whose accounts were suspended had 30 days to file a review.

In the meantime, there were more drastic notifications sent to some users, stating if the suspensions cannot be verified their accounts would be deactivated permanently.

According to Instagram, the reported flaw that affected its followers’ accounts has been fixed as of November 1 at 06:17 EDT.

Instagram’s PR staff released a statement stating “We’ve rectified this bug immediately – it was causing people in different regions of the world to have issues accessing their accounts and caused a temporary change in the number of followers for some. Sorry!

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