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Russian Hackers Disrupt Services at USA Airports

Popular Airlines Under Massive Hacking Assaults

Some major US airport websites were made inaccessible by pro-Russian hackers, who launch several daring hack attacks using DDoS strikes.

Pro-Russian hackers have launched their own revenge against the United States, as they seek to retaliate against the mainly the USA. This group is just one of many Pro-Russian threat actors that are using cyber attacks against western countries. They are under constant assaults for their support of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

As the bloodletting conflict enters a new phase, the threat actors have increased their own cyber warfare on any country that supports Ukraine. In recent days, Vladimir Putin’s soldiers launched at least 84 missiles at Kyiv, killing scores of innocent civilians.

In addition, the pro-Russian hacktivist collective “KillNet,” is responsible for attacking numerous U.S. airports’ websites. With these sites under attack with widespread denial-of-service, the targeted DDoS attacks have taken many offline, while rendering customers from gaining access to their travel itinerary.

Being rendered inaccessible, travelers reported that they were unable to get updates on flights already booked with the affected airlines. In addition, those trying to book new reservations were denied access, as well.

According to cyber security analysts, the hackers were able to carry out coordinated DDoS assaults using maliciously coded malware to flood these websites’ hosting servers with a barrage of junk requests.

The hacking attacks affected some of the busiest air traffic hubs in the US inclusive of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and the Los Angeles International Airport. The hack rendered some to be occasionally unavailable with a very slow response time.

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and the Orlando International Airport were also joined by Denver International Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International were some of the airlines that reported problems accessing their websites’ databases.

Other reported connection problems were in Hawaii, Kentucky, and Mississippi airports’ websites. The hacktivist group posted their cyber attacks on KillNet’s Telegram channel.

The DDoS cyber security breach launched by Russian hackers severely and negatively affects the operation of the travel industry. With the ongoing breach, they have created a significant risk that could have a domino effect with the delay of related services.

KillNet has previously targeted nations like Romania and Italy that supported Ukraine, and its “sub-group” Legion attacked important Norwegian and Lithuanian institutions for comparable reasons.

As the de facto leader of NATO, the major military foe of Russia, the U.S. has provided intelligence and equipment to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict, but DDoS attacks have so far appeared to be concentrated on EU targets, particularly following the imposition of some crippling sanctions on the Russian empire.

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