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New App Blocks Abusive Tracking on Android Devices

DuckDuckGo Browser Improves Privacy Protection

DuckDuckGo launches a new campaign to help secure Android users from becoming victims of hackers’ scam campaigns. The new feature also protects users from tracking cookies from third-party websites such as Google, Microsoft, and Bing which are notorious for tracking their users. Now, Android users can easily block trackers found in the Apps they’ve downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple Apps Store, and other websites that offer downloadable applications.

The beta version of the “App Tracking Protection” feature, as reported by DuckDuckGo is currently ready for testing by users of Android devices. What’s more, all Android users now have the perfect tool to protect their privacy when using applications they’ve downloaded on their devices.

The new Android privacy has two main features, first, it blocks third-party tracking scripts, most of which belong to criminal hackers, who are notorious for coding Android Apps with malicious tracking malware. Next, the “App Tracking Protection” works as a privacy barrier that blocks tracking attempts from infiltrating the entire operating system.

DuckDuckGo Android App Download

So far, 10 million downloads of DuckDuckGo’s Android App have been recorded by the Google Play Store. Over the years, web surfers have come to rely on DuckDuckGo as the only web browser that offers the best data protection tool that truly prioritizes their privacy.

And now, with the new Android protection offer, users will enjoy even more top notched privacy protection when it comes to anonymity, email tracking protection, and other hidden trackers. In addition, it boasts auto-HTTPS and one-tap deletion of browsing history.

As a free feature DuckDuckGo’s Android App is a must for every Android user, its third-party tracking capability, no doubt, is the game changer that blocks even Google which was recently fined $625.5 million for illegally tracking Android users in the USA, France, and Australia.

Accordingly, DuckDuckGo stated that testing on its beta Android App shows that it thoroughly prevents obscene targeting and provides complete privacy. The new open version of its App Tracking Protection feature allows Android users to view even the data requested by blocked trackers.

DuckDuckGo Android Privacy App Installation

Apple also has an “App Tracking Transparency” feature, but DuckDuckGo’s privacy system is more advance; it shows no preferences to App developers. Android phone users frequently visit Google Play to install enhancement Apps on their smartphones. Thus, daily analytical reports show that 1,000–2,000 tracking attempts would be blocked by the App.

Additionally, users will notice no discernible impact of their Android device speed, as recorded by the beta App version (v5.143.1). Therefore, all browsing activities, even playing games would not be affected by a lower Internet speed.

First, you must download the DuckDuckGo Android App from the Google Play Store. To launch it, go to your settings area, then enable App Tracking Protection. The new blocking functionality is independent of the user’s selection. Also, the App’s tracking request dialog list will continuously update with newly launched trackers.

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