how to remove android malware virus

Latest Spyware; SandStrike Virus Infecting Android Phones

How to Remove Malicious Spyware in 2023

SandStrike is the latest malware targeting Android devices, according to a report from a renowned cyber security firm. In released documents, it shows the SandStrike virus is the new scam that dark web hackers have been actively using to victimize users of Android gadgets.

With the SandStrike attacks, the spyware mode of attack utilizes a rogue VPN service to target unsuspecting individuals. The report identified that the newly discovered spyware’s main targets are located in several Middle Eastern countries such as Iran.

Accordingly, the fake VPN service is being promoted to religious groups, on the premise of bypassing geo-location restrictions. By removing this blockage, Middle Eastern religious groups are now able to disseminate their religious content to other parts of the world.

The idea of getting their religious content internationally viewed encourages the targeted victims to join the hackers’ Telegram channel after being redirected from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Next, the potential victims are directed to download the maliciously coded VPN application.

New Malicious Malware Launched for 2023

However, the hackers fully control the VPN service, this disguised spyware gives criminal hackers unfettered access to steal sensitive data. According to the Kaspersky cyber security team, private info such as call logs, and contact lists are usually harvested to sell on dark web markets. In addition, to stealing their victims’ private data, the threat actors can continually track the activities of the targeted individuals.

The Kaspersky researchers have also advised Internet users to practice caution when downloading files and Apps on the Internet. The cyber analysts reported that they’ve found numerous malware being developed by threat actors, these are expected to launch in early 2023.

So far, a brand new malware dubbed FreamedGolf has been trending in the wild. This newly discovered virus utilizes the IIS backdoor, which is a potent attack vector that could devastate Cryptocurrency Exchange servers riddled with ProxyLogon security weaknesses.

Malware Removal from Android Smartphones

If you surf the World Wide Web, cyber security analysts advised that you must take the necessary precaution to protect yourself from data theft. With the right knowledge, you can prevent being a victim of dangerous criminal hackers, who steal and sell stolen information on dark web markets.

Targeted phishing attacks and scams are a part of our everyday life, therefore, you must stay abreast with what’s happening in the hacking world. Ensure that you have access to the most recent cyber threats to prevent being a victim of cyber attacks.

How to Detect and Remove Phone Virus

You must find the App and manually delete it from your Android devices. This is the only way that you will be able to completely erase all traces of a hacker’s App. However, it will not be a very easy task as hackers profit from these Apps and typically make it very tough for users to uninstall their money-making assets.

You must first manually uninstall the App from your Android device by finding it. Be advised that to get rid of all traces, you must also conduct an anti-virus scan.

If you are unable to remove all traces of the virus, you must seek the help of a phone repair professional to help you.

How Companies Protect Against Criminal Hackers

Businesses must utilize a premium security EDR program that can easily identify new threats in the wild, and automatically triggers alerts.

Hire a cyber security company with ethical hackers with the knowledge to enable the best corporate-grade security solution. With such protocols in place, the security team can identify cyber attacks in advance, and implement crucial endpoint protection.

It’s a known fact, that criminal hackers oftentimes target employees to gain access to the network of the targeted company. Therefore, the best practice is to introduce security awareness training to everyone on your team. By imparting these helpful resources, your employees will know when they’re being targeted in a social engineering phishing scam.

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