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LinkedIn New Authentication Process Blocks Criminal Hackers

LinkedIn Introduces Three Step Verification

New individuals who want to join LinkedIn will find it much harder to become a member. As of recent, new followers have been mandated to go through more rigorous methods of verification, according to the popular platform. This follows a series of fraudulent activities linked to dark web hackers using the platform to carry out fraudulent activities against individuals and companies on LinkedIn.

Thus, to combat threat actors from creating fraudulent profiles to commit harm to users of its network, LinkedIn introduces three new features that must be authenticated for new members.

Now, it takes a verified phone number and a business email to verify the authenticity of a newly created profile. Over the years, the LinkedIn platform has been one of the most aggressively targeted social platforms by threat actors to steal private data. These hackers have been mostly linked to malware attacks, as well as cyber security breaches against primarily corporate businesses. In addition, they have also committed financial fraud after stealing passwords and other identity information from unsuspecting individuals.

So far, the Lazarus hackers from North Korea have been the hacking group linked to the illegal exploits associated with the LinkedIn platform. These threat actors often boast about how they find victims on LinkedIn with the premise of fake job offers.

With the advent of finally obtaining lucrative employment; it shows that oftentimes victims are lured into installing maliciously coded malware on their Android devices, thus, giving the criminals free access to steal their private information. Analytic reports also indicate that the Lazarus hackers’ exploitation practice has been used to hack the network of corporate businesses, and some reported multi-million dollar cryptocurrency heists.

How to prevent LinkedIn phishing scam campaign

According to LinkedIn, the new security measure would make it impossible for hackers to launch new phishing scams on its platform, as now the phone number provided must be authenticated, and connected to a real business email account.

Now, with the time allotted to verify the new account, cyber criminals would not be able to utilize their phone to find new victims on LinkedIn. Above all, it would be extremely difficult for hackers to own a legitimate account from the company they’re impersonating in their scams.

In addition, LinkedIn users are advised not to click on links or download applications from questionable sources. And always exercise due diligence when being approached with a lucrative job offer. Also, if you think you have downloaded a virus on your tech devices, you should try to locate and manually remove it, you should also run a system scan to ensure you’ve deleted all traces of the malware.

However, the best remedy would be to utilize the help of a phone repair technician who could easily remove all traces of the malicious malware.

How Businesses Can Prevent Hack Attacks

Its a fact, criminal hackers want to make money just like all businesses, to them, hacking is an entrepreneurial establishment. Therefore, companies must protect their assets from these nefarious thieves. Every company that is wary about cyber security must utilize a high-end EDR security program, one that can quickly spot emerging dangers, and automatically sends alerts.

It is also good to hire ethical hackers who can enable the best corporate-grade security solution that will protect your business. By having the correct protocols enabled, your security team can prevent cyber attacks and deploy the essential endpoint security measures.

In fact, criminal hackers frequently target employees to launch cyber attacks against a targeted firm. Thus, the best course of action to prevent cyber attacks is utilizing security awareness training for your entire staff.

By passing along the most valuable cyber security resources, companies ensure that staff members can effectively recognize when they’re the target of social engineering phishing scams.

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