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Bitcoin ATMs Hijacked by Hackers

It’s critical to stay up to date on the latest information about hackers trying to undermine the security of numerous internet businesses and people. Understanding the risks associated with online criminals is the only surefire method to prevent dark web hackers from accessing your valuable information and assets.

By staying informed concerning several hacking methods used by threat actors, you can protect yourself from becoming a target of cyber crime. Therefore, staying informed about cyber security events could mean the difference between giving your most personal data to dark web cyber criminals.

One of the leading manufacturers of Bitcoin ATMs, General Bytes, whose standing in the market has been cemented, was the main target of the most recent Bitcoin breach. The company recently revealed that thieves had stolen from its clients over $1.5 million in Bitcoin by exploiting a zero-day vulnerability found in the company’s administrative platform for BATMs.

The majority of the decentralized digital currency transaction servers that customers use to directly manage their ATMs is General Bytes. Using the cloud service it offers clients, the General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs allow users to exchange upwards of 40 different cryptocurrencies.

Recently, the company revealed over the weekend that hackers had effectively installed a malicious Java program using their ATM’s master console. As a consequence, the hackers misused the zero-day vulnerability known as BATM-4780 to violate the rights of its “batm” clients.

How to Stop Bitcoin Theft

Since Bitcoin has become more valuable compared to the United States dollar, there have been more and more occurrences of hackers hijacking this virtual money from online wallets. Thus, it is not unexpected that hackers are always searching for new targets given that Bitcoin is currently the most popular type of digital currency. As a result, given the sharp rise in cryptocurrency theft, safeguarding your virtual currencies is essential.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, hackers stole sizable amounts of digital money from users after gaining their trust. The cybersecurity industry has been significantly impacted by this, and many companies and private investors are now taking even more stringent preventative measures to protect their customers.
However, hackers constantly create new risky software to bypass already existing measures for cyber protection.

Cyber researchers have discovered that the most recent hacking techniques are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to defend against. Therefore, it advised Bitcoin investors to continue taking all necessary cyber security precautions to protect their online assets.

How to Prevent Scammers from Stealing Bitcoin

Statistics show that over the last ten years, thieves have taken Bitcoin worth countless millions of dollars from platforms and users. Additionally, there is no recourse if digital currency is stolen by cyber criminals because it is difficult to monitor, and is growing more tempting to hackers due to its unregulated nature.

If you own Bitcoin or any other type of digital money, you must protect your wallet from dark web hackers. To protect yourself, use two-factor verification. Your bitcoin assets must be protected by all cyber security measures; search for companies like Binance that offer the most secure cryptocurrency wallets.

Additionally, keep up with the most prevalent hacking news, so that you are aware of any potential dangers launched by criminal hackers.

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