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Dark Web Hack Targets Food Supplier

Atalanta Foods Hacked by Ransomware

Atalanta one of the food importers in the North American region reveals that it was the victim of a vicious ransomware attack. The hack launched by the dark web hackers interrupted its service. In addition, Atalanta admitted that the data breach compromised the private data of its employees.

Information about the ransomware attack issued on December 8, revealed that the cyber breach occurred in late July.

Atalanta detected malicious activity that affected certain systems on its network on July 25, 2021. The company immediately engaged third-party experts to investigate the matter.

An investigation conducted by Atalanta revealed that certain information about its employees and former employees was accessed and acquired by unauthorized individuals. There is no evidence of any wrongdoing or misuse of the information, so far.

Atalanta Private Data Stolen

The food importer said that it immediately launched an investigation and identified the individuals who were involved in the incident. The company also offered various resources to help individuals protect themselves from identity theft.

However, the statement provided by the Atalanta food supplier did not indicate how many records with personal information were a part of this cyber security breach. Thus, the company’s report lacks answers to several pertinent questions that have gone unanswered.

Security analysts disclosed that questions about the type of ransomware still need to be answered. In addition to how the dark web hackers launched the attack that infiltrated its private database.  

Ransomware attacks since 2019 against business enterprises have increasingly become a popular trend. Cyber security breaches that involve ransomware had transcended to 2020 and dominated 2021, as well. Some notable ransomware incidents saw companies paying out millions of US dollars in Bitcoin to receive the decryption keys from dark web hackers’ groups. 

As of late, ransomware has become the most common trend of security hack breaches; it is driven by millions of dollars annually in easy profits. In addition, the fact that payments are usually made in the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This form of untraceable payment method often leaves the hackers at a crude advantage. 

Thus, the preferred payment of digital currencies prevents the identity of cyber criminals from being easily tracked by law enforcement entities.

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