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Hackers Hacked New Samsung Galaxy S22

The newest version of the Samsung sleek Android cellphone was released to its consumer base in February 2022. And just like its predecessors, the Galaxy S22 smartphone offered some excellent new features. However, as with anything tech hackers are always on the lookout for loopholes to exploit for financial gains.

Recently, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 was put to the test at the Pwn2Own Toronto 2022 hacking competition. The result shows that twice on the first day of the consumer protection event, the STAR Labs team successfully exploit a zero-day vulnerability on the flagship device.

Zero-day bugs are defects found in consumer electronics; they are constantly breached by criminal hackers giving them unauthorized access to victims’ private information. But the worst part is that the stolen data are later advertised for sale in hacking forums on the dark web. Some of the latest hacks done through zero-day bugs in the recent Canadian tech event involve multiple renowned vendors such as NETGEAR, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Mikrotik, TP-Link, Lexmark, and the Synology brand.

The hacking of Apple and Google tech devices also makes the list of some of the most frequently targeted by criminal hackers. And being that these top brand cellphones all run on the popular Android framework, means that they are very beneficial to hackers. Because software applications are always needed to enhance avid consumers’ experience. Thus, the Apps downloaded can even be linked to criminal hacking groups, who use them to hijack victims’ devices and steal their private information to be used in other scams.

As long as the tech industry prevails, there will always be criminals searching for their next big payday. Therefore, you must protect your devices from being infiltrated by threat actors, who steal and sells consumers’ data on dark web marketplaces.

Ways to Prevent Tech Device Hacks

You must check online constantly with the brand of your gadgets for updates on loopholes and vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Always check for the most recent updates and install them immediately to keep your device safe from security breaches. Oftentimes, a patch from the manufacturer can take a long time to get to the end users, thus if a vulnerability is reported, if possible, you should wait until you’ve installed the new patch before further usage of your tech device.

Downloading Apps blindly from Google Play or Apple Store is a dangerous endeavor, you must research the developer linked to the new software app. Also, check for reviews posted by other consumers so that you can make an educated choice.

Hackers are known to hijack and take over the full function of Android cell phones, if your phone battery dies too quickly, then chances are your phone is being used by threat actors to run their illegal adverts and click fraud campaigns.

With the newly released Samsung S22, there will be hundreds of new apps already available for download on the most popular Android platforms. Take caution when downloading these apps, if in the event your phone starts acting strange then delete them from your Android device, then run an antivirus scan to get rid of all traces.

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