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How to Prevent Social Media Hacks

Victims of social engineering attacks are left to deal with the devastating consequences of being trapped with mounting bills from financial ruin. Hackers are known to find unsuspecting victims on the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other renowned brands. Usually, they would trick followers with fake offers, and messages with malicious links. The stolen accounts are then used by the threat actors to spread inflammatory spam content and malware viruses.

However, one of the most unique ways that hackers get to infiltrate your private space is by giving away something free. A beautiful app with hundreds of downloads just may be the perfect gift from a hacker.

Using malicious apps is the simplest way for dark web criminals to hijack Android devices from which they can steal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts login information. The trick is that they are typically presented as the perfect apps that enhances the usability of Android gadgets.

Threat actors are skilled app developers, and using their expertise, they can insert malicious code into software programs that are mostly downloaded from the Apple Store, and Google Play Store.

An Android device user would only realize the risk after downloading the app. Some will even improve the usability of tech devices, as promised. However, the malicious app, after a while, would hijack the operating system of the device.

Infected Android devices are used in click fraud operations, while stolen login credentials are connected to bank accounts, and social media sites. In addition, call logs, and SMS messages are often stolen and used in phishing scams, or sold on the dark web marketplaces.

How to stop social media phishing scams

Never wait until it’s too late to safeguard your private data and social network accounts from criminal hackers.

To prevent unauthorized use of your social media accounts, you must watch out for risky hacking attacks on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media accounts.

Before downloading Android apps, you must do your homework and always look for any negative reviews. The general guideline is, if it looks suspicious, has some negative reviews, and just a few downloads, you should avoid downloading it.

Constant low battery power is one way to tell that your phone has been hijacked by hackers, who are secretly using it in their scamming campaigns.

All unused apps must be deleted, as well as those that have been reported to contain hackers’ malware and spyware. To acquire the most recent information about risky apps linked to threat actors, visit our website frequently.

Make your password easy for you to remember but challenging for hackers to decipher, and save it in a separate area.

Use your email address for 2FA authentication on a different phone or laptop. Hackers are unable to access your account when you use two-factor authentication on separate tech gadgets.

These are just a few of the precautions you may take to prevent being a victim of dangerous hackers. It is your responsibility to prevent getting your social media accounts compromised, or your personal information stolen by criminals.

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