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New App Prevents Robocalls in 2023

FCC Cracks Down on Robocall Scammers

Robocall campaigns have been a major headache for millions of US citizens over the past few decades. Many have reported the harassing sales tactics to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, but the constant harassment continues unabated. Now, to fix the deceptive problem, a proposal released recently recorded the largest record-breaking fine of $300 million.

The recent fine by the FCC was issued against an auto warranty robocall operation, which reportedly racked up billions of calls that affected approximately 550 million individuals located in several US states.
According to documented reports, the culprits behind the massive robocall operation have been identified as Michael Aaron Jones and Roy Cox, Jr. Further investigation shows that the duo started the operation in 2018, and have now been the main target in the largest robocall operation targeting US residents.

The FCC investigation stated that both suspects have been arrested for the illegal robocall sales lead generation campaign. The lucrative scheme sells vehicle service contracts that they deceptively marketed as car warranties. However, the recipients of the robocalls reported that they were constantly harassed with incessant call tactics.

Other investigations led by the FCC, show that during the height of COVID-19, pandemic robocalls targeted the healthcare industry with spoofed phone numbers. This callous action led individuals to block the lifesaving phone lines of many medical facilities.

How to prevent robocalls

Nothing is more frustrating than picking up the phone only to hear an automated voice.
If you’re sick of getting spam calls and texts, you might want to install RoboKiller to kick off the new year.

Robocalls are annoying and must be reported to the FCC immediately. If you have been a victim of this harassing sales tactic that rings your phone off the hook daily, you can block these numbers from getting through on your phone lines.

You can presently purchase three years of protection from this AI-powered tool for just $49.99. It blocks 99% of spam robocalls.

And while blocking robocalls can offer a little piece of mind, it will only offer limited help as the crooks behind these tactics will devise other ways to get through to you. Therefore, the best option to get rid of robocalls for good is to report them, so that the FCC could levy substantial fines against the guilty party and end the incessant harassment for good.

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