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2023 Ransomware Hacking Threats

Dark Web Hackers Top Ransomware Heists

2023 is just around the corner! Everyone is overwhelmingly glad to encounter one more year – Another brand new year with a whole lot of possibilities and achievements to accomplish.

With this new year, analysts tracking dark web hackers stated that there will be even more devastating hacking attacks on corporations. This is in light of the emboldened tactics utilized in the past few years. 2022 latest hacking news kept the business world on its toes, and now with the start of 2023, more advanced ransomware and viruses should send jitters through the industrial sphere.

2023 is rapidly disappearing with its good, bad, and ugly cyber attack stories. Nonetheless, we can all concur that it was a difficult year with some devastating ransomware assaults launched by dark web hackers on some notable organizations.

Cyber security attacks have turned into a lifestyle for many dark web hackers since they have benefited from millions paid in ransom through Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

DarkSide $5 Million Ransom

Colonial Pipeline went under with a staggering ransomware assault. However, while that dark web hack disrupted its services, that ransomware monetary payment pales in comparison to another virus attack that occurs in 2022.

The organization revealed that more than 100 gigabytes of private data were compromised by the dark web hacking group. Most importantly, the criminals requested US$5 million to return the data. The clock started ticking for the ransom to be paid, as the hackers threatened to release the company’s private information on dark web marketplaces.

Inside a couple of hours, the oil organization paid the requested ransom amount. What’s more, the ransomware hack shut down its administration for six days; a monstrous disaster for an organization that supplies 50 percent of fuel to the US east coast.

REvil $11 Million Ransomware

JBS Foods got its beef supply interrupted by ransomware executed by dark web hackers. The disturbance of the world’s biggest meat supplier affected its services not only across the USA but as far away as the country known as Down Under.

That very expensive engagement cost the brand an astounding US$11 million.

REvil dark web hacking groups were answerable for the JBS ransomware hack. The ransom was paid in full by JBS Foods to prevent further disturbance to its meat supply chain.

Stars, stripes, and Covid19 accentuated the dampened America’s independence day festivities. Above all, a devastating ransomware took over the spotlight, and lit up the business world like the 4th of July fireworks.

The Kaseya network got its services commandeered by ransomware. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) administration went disconnected from its servers.

REvil dark web hackers infiltrated the organization through its private VSA tools. From the hack, 1500 Kaseya customers’ private networks became tainted with the REvil ransomware.

The ransom amount stays a secret; it was never paid. To the rescue, the FBI turned the tables on the REvil hackers by hacking into their servers and acquiring the keys to unscramble the ransomware code. With the code now in the hands of the FBI agents, a public decryptor released in September 2022 freed 250 REvil ransomware victims.

BlackMatter Ransomware Hack

BlackMatter hacking group attacked New Cooperative Inc., by capturing its site with ransomware.

It was later revealed that the BlackMatter dark web hackers had rebranded from the DarkSide hacking group. Reportedly, after the Colonial Pipeline ransomware heist, the DarkSide group faded into the abyss of the dark web. And the BlackMatter dark web hackers became the new threat.

No doubt, 2023 hacks will take over our world in a few short months. However, companies can protect their clients and brand with the help of authentic and ethical hackers that ply their hacking skills on the World Wide Web.

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