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4 Top Dark Web Ransomware Attacks

Notable 2021 Ransomware Attacks

2021 has been a bummer of a year for ransomware attacks. Stories from the dark web involving malicious hackers have dominated the news for the most part of year. These cyber security breaches hijacked the websites of some notable companies. In addition, the devastating ransomware attacks interrupted services to thousands of clients that depend on these organizations.

Some of the most devastating ransomware attacks happened in 2021, and have earned hackers millions of dollars in paid ransoms. Already with 2022 fast approaching, criminal hackers are ready to start the new year off with a bang. Cyber attacks affects all sphere of the business class from small to medium size business, and even large corporations.

DarkSide $5 Million Ransomware Attack

April 2021: One of the major cyber security attacks involves the Colonial Pipeline. For 2021, it is arguably on the list of highest paid ransom for a ransomware attack. The United States company states that it had lost more than 100 gigabytes of private information to criminal hackers. For the return of the internal information, a ransom of US 5 million dollars must be paid. The hackers threatened to publicly release the stolen if their demand was not met.

However, the company avoided the catastrophe by quickly paying the ransom within a few hours. 

In addition, Colonial Pipeline suffered a massive blow to its operation because of a six day shutdown caused by the ransomware attack.

The attack launched by DarkSide hacking group had crippled the pipeline of the USA major fuel company that delivers about 50% of fuel to the Eastern sector of the US.

After that crippling attack, the FBI and CISA sent out this alert: AA21-131ADarkSide Ransomware: Best Practices for Preventing Business Disruption from Ransomware Attacks. The Alert warns businesses as well as provides technical details, resources and mitigation processes, and updates associated with the IOCs malware analysis report.

REvil US $11 Million Ransomware Attack

Memorial Day 2021: JBS Foods which is the largest world supplier of beef was hit by a ransomware. The unsuspecting victim felt the wrath of criminal hackers when its security network was hacked. The attack disrupted its meat production to two of its largest distribution countries; the USA and Australia. The ransomware hackers demanded a hefty ransom of $11 million. 

The REvil ransomware hackers received full payment from JBS Foods. Therefore, the company prevented further disruption to its meat supply chain. 

REvil Independence Day Heist

Fourth of July 2021 Weekend: It was an American Independence to remember when the Kaseya network was hijacked by ransomware. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) felt the wrath of the fury unleashed by the REvil dark web hacking group that completely shut down its services. 

REvil utilizes the Kaseya VSA tools to infiltrate about 1500 of Kaseya’s clients with its REvil ransomware. With the VSA tool, the main gadget for every IT professionals, the dark web hacking group took control of Kaseya’s network devices and interrupted the services provided to its clients. The company reported that its private servers, desktops, and network devices were all affected by ransomware viruses.

BlackMatter Ransomware Attack

September 20, 2021: BlackMatter dark web hacking group disrupted the services of the NEW Cooperative Inc., by hijacking the company’s website. 

The BlackMatter ransomware, according to the company’s public release, states that its computer network was affected severely. The ransomware disrupted its animal feeding schedules. New Cooperative Inc., reported disruption to its food supply chains, which allotted for 40% of the United States grain production.

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