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Apple & FaceBook Fight Dark Web Hackers

Recently, Apple announced it will be suing the Israeli tech company ‘NSO Group’ to gain restitution from what is now known as the most infamous hacker-for-hire firm in the world. Apple’s recent threat came on the heels of the dark web hacker group hacking into Apple products, causing irreparable damages to the tech brand services and reputation.

In a federal court in California, Apple representatives have described the NSO Group employees as “ammoral 21st-century mercenaries” who have created complex cyber-surveillance technology that enables routine and blatant abuse. They also stated that the NSO Group’s ‘Pegasus’ spyware disrupted the services of several Apple users globally.

According to Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, state-sponsored hackers like the NSO Group spend millions of dollars on advanced surveillance tech with no security check. Apple has also announced that it would donate $10 million U.S. dollars to cyber surveillance researchers and advocates, as well as any damages awarded in the NSO Group lawsuit.

However, the NSO Group vehemently denies all accusations levied by Apple. In their defense, the company states its products only facilitate government establishments.

In addition, a statement issued by the NSO Group state that terrorists and cyber criminals operate as they please. However, the group creates online safe havens for governments to fight criminals.

To add to the woes of the NSO group, the firm recently found itself blacklisted by the US Commerce Department. Additionally, a pending lawsuit by Facebook and their altercation with Apple are just a few of their major setbacks.

Researchers have discovered spyware ‘Pegasus’ being used worldwide to hack the devices of influential individuals such as journalists, human rights activists, and members of the Catholic clergy. Even in Mexico, the Pegasus malware has been used to eavesdrop on a journalist. This infraction led to the arrest of a businessman who may have been using the Pegasus Spyware.

Pegasus has already infiltrated phones to collect personal and location data while covertly controlling the smartphone’s cameras and microphones. Cyber security analysts have also discovered the NSO Group products employing “zero-click” techniques. By utilizing this technique, Pegasus spyware targets phones with no user involvement.

With the latest dark web cyber security breach, the NSO Group, and Israeli cybersecurity group, Candiru must receive special clearance to access USA components and technology services.

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