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Dark Web Hackers Attack Gas Company

Ransomware Hack Targets 780,000 Gas Customers

Superior Plus is the latest victim of ransomware attacks. The company admitted to the cyber security breach on December 14, 2021. The North American propane gas company reported that dark web hackers hijacked its website and demanded a ransom. The ransomware attack disrupted services to many of its clients. 

Superior Plus, the Canada-based company, distributes propane and other gas related products to approximately 780,000 clients in the United States and Canada.

According to the company’s statement, the unspecified ransomware strain detected on December 12 shut down its entire network system. 

The statement released on December 14 by Superior Plus’s spokesperson stated that a recovery process was underway to recover from the latest dark web hackers attack. 

Superior Plus in damage control had temporarily disabled its computer systems and some applications. However, the company stated there is an ongoing investigation into the incident. In addition, the Canadian gas company reported that its technical team is in the process of getting the affected systems back up and available online.

Inevitable Cyber Threats for 2022

With the help of cybersecurity experts, the propane gas distributor reported an ongoing assessment to ascertain the extent of the ransomware breach. However, so far, the impact of the ransomware breach shows no evidence of its clients’ security or private information compromised or stolen.

Above all, it is still unclear which of the dark web ransomware group launched the latest ransomware. And to make matters worse, Superior Plus is still unaware of the extent of the damage caused to its private network systems.

Ransomware increasingly has become a daily dark web event with several attacks on multiple sectors across the global economy. The ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline shows that very robust infrastructure in the energy sector is at risk of being infiltrated with a ransomware.

In that event, cybersecurity experts tracking these dark web hackers, that constantly launched crippling ransomware, warned that a radical change must be done to counteract these cyber security threats, if not, more devastating cyber hacks are inevitable for 2022.

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