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Dark Web Court Settles Disputes

Dark web disputes now have their own court system that handles cyber crime matters. This is in the form of cyber crime forums that have evolved to facilitate dispute resolution and all arbitration procedures. Dark web courts are very much, in some instances, operate as the legitimate court systems that we are accustomed to in our judicial system.

This new form of unconventional type of court came to light in a recent blog post by Analyst1. Above all, the blogger explains the operational structure of the newly formed shadow courts. In instances of a trial, a forum is where cybercriminals get redressed for garbage data or poorly executed dark web services.

The ruling judges and legal teams are referred to as ‘threat actors’, who are responsible to hold court, and render the best solution for every disputed transaction. In addition to arbitrage hearings the threat actors, in the end, will determine who is at fault among the participants in a disputed deal.

On the dark web, there are constant disputes associated with illegitimate products sales and even dark website services. With general disputes, a threat actor can demand that the money be refunded, however, that is if the seller is willing to comply with the demand. If there is no recourse or a refund given, then the matter is moved to the higher dark web virtual court system for arbitration.

It is quite important to note that those involved in these dark web court forums are mostly Russians. In addition, dark web courts aren’t just for Russians. Independent cyber hacking analytical sources revealed that threat actors are available to handle disputes for every dark web dispute as each culture and language consists of “Court” or “Arbitrage” dispute settlement forums.

However, one of the most concerning topics of cybersecurity threat such as ransomware cannot be argued as they are prone to receive unwanted attention such as law enforcement officials.

Dark Web Safe Escrow Accounts

According to Jon DiMaggio, former intelligence agent and the chief strategist at Analyst1, the need for dark web hackers to handle disputes in a conventional way led to the creation of these arbitrage courts. Oftentimes, most disputes arise from arguments over the selling of illicit products as well as illegal services.

Working as forum administrators takes on a huge responsibility on the dark web, with their role being the individuals best equipped to handle disputes amicably.

With arbitration programs properly handling disputes, the dark web community can guard its members from ‘rip off merchants’. And above all, safeguards the reputation of dark web cyber crime hangouts.

In addition, forum administrators are responsible for setting up voluntary escrows to securely hold funds as a neutral third party. However, if there is a dispute amongst the parties involved in the deal, the money remains in the escrow account until the buyer assured them that they are happy with the goods bought or the rendered service.

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