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England Pushed to War by Dark Web Hackers

Cyber-attack Pushed the UK to the Brink of War

A recent dark web attack on the United Kingdom’s Defence Academy brushes on the threshold of war. According to a retired Air Marshal, the possibility of war was quickly averted after the UK scrambled to securely intensify its defence unit.

The retired high-ranking officer is the first to announce that dark web hackers launched a crippling cyber-attack that made a brush with calling for war.

The incident rocked the defence academy and disrupted its military services. However, the security facility contained the damages by promptly rebuilding its network. According to a military officer, the hackers could be dark web criminals, or government hackers working with enemy countries such as Iran, North Korea, Russia, or China.

Reports of the damage state that the United Kingdom’s defence intelligence was severely affected; it took several months to build the system back up to its current state. However, cyber security technicians warned that while they were able to rescue the system, there are still flaws in the new system as it is just a shell of its former operations.

With the hacking breach of the UK’s defence department, some pertinent questions should be answered. Was this recent hacking attack a sort of ‘test drive’ for new and technical advanced cyberweapons?

Also, with the level of destruction caused, are there more technical and advanced cyber breaches on security establishments for 2022?

Cyber analytical observations by the retired general state, “There are no dead bodies in the streets, but there has been some collateral damage.”

The severity of the dark web cyber attack indicates just how much went into this restoration project. And for an attack that seemingly happened overnight, luckily, no sensitive information had been saved in the academy’s network.

The UK Defense Academy is an institution headquartered in Shrivenham, Oxfordshire. This facility serves roughly 30,000 of the UK’S diplomats, government servants, and even specialized military personnel.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the academy had expanded its offerings online. However, this is believed to be the prime reason why the academy was targeted by criminal hackers.

The hacking incident was brought to light when the retired sergeant observed “strange”, and possibly suspicious behavior from several contractors working for ‘Serco’ an outsourcing business.

However, the hacking attempt was unsuccessful, as no breaches made it outside the institutions. It seems the hackers tried to use the academy like a “backdoor” to other Ministry of Defence (MoD) networks.

The recent cyber threat reportedly borders on the threshold of war; it is colloquially dubbed “grey zone of damage”.

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