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Dark Web ‘Anonymous Hackers’ Fight For Ukraine

International Hacking Group Helps Ukraine

The Anonymous hacking group has vowed to assist the people of Ukraine in whatsoever capacity they can. Since the invasion of Russia on the sovereign nation, the dark web hacking group has promised to stand in solidarity with Ukrainians.

In the latest Russian invasion of Ukraine news, there are widespread reports that many government websites owned by the Russian government have been knocked offline. Reportedly, as of Saturday morning, the websites continued to experience blackout issues. For the past few days, the two top important websites have been unable to access the World Wide Web.

The antagonistic invasion led by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had surprised the entire world, with scores of rallies denouncing the war, and beseeching the Russian leader to withdrew his army from the sovereign nation. At the moment, many independent news sites have confirmed that the fighting has intensified with the fight now centered around the Ukrainian city of Kyiv. The battle had entered its third day with widespread damages recorded across Ukraine.

In the meantime, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s bravery has been astounding, in the face of a devastating war, the young Ukraine leader encourages Ukrainians to fight for their country.

Anonymous Hackers Launch Attacks

On Saturday, it was reported that the Anonymous Hacking Group had managed to keep some top Russian government websites off the Internet. Those that are under attack by the dark web hackers are Russia’s Ministry of Defence and the Kremlin.

However, the disappearance offline of the two important websites was not immediately clear, as Russia denies the blackouts. But the elusive hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack on the Russian sites.

According to the dark web hackers, “Anonymous has ongoing operations to keep .ru government websites offline, and to push information to the Russian people so they can be free of Putin’s state censorship machine,” the group revealed the hack in a Twitter tweet.

In addition to Saturday’s blackout it was noted that on Friday, the same Russian websites appeared offline for a while, but the Kremlin denied it was being attacked by Anonymous. However, according to the Russian owned state media outlets, the affected websites remain inaccessible for some time in the past three days.

And while the Kremlin denies the crippling attack against its premier websites, the Anonymous hackers vowed to attack Russia, and pledge their assistance to Ukraine in this statement: “To keep the Ukrainian people online as best we can.”

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