news corp hack

Dark Web Hackers Hack News Corp

Chinese Hackers Target News Corp Affiliates

In one of the most recent cyber attacks, News Corp has become a victim of one of the latest dark web hacks. The recent cyber breach is linked to access to hundreds of journalists’ and other essential workers’ emails and documents. Cybersecurity experts believe the infiltration was designed to gather intelligence for the People’s Republic of China.

Reportedly, the dark web hack detected on January 20, 2022, damaged several publications and business units. The deep web breach includes The Wall Street Journal and its parent Dow Jones. In addition, the dark web breach links to the New York Post and the company’s U.K. news affiliate.

News Corp headquarters that was a part of the dark web hackers attack alerted the proper authorities. The law enforcers engaged cybersecurity firm Mandiant Inc. to assist with the inquiry. Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed the dark web attack on Friday.

China’s Dark Web Hack Objectives

David Wong, vice president of incident response at Mandiant, revealed that the dark web hackers behind the cyberattack have Chinese connections and are engaged in espionage efforts to acquire intelligence to promote China’s objectives.

However, Liu Pengyu, the spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington argues that China is a committed supporter of cybersecurity. The nation firmly opposes and combats dark web cyber attacks and cyber theft in all forms.

The Chinese Embassy spokesperson also states that determining the source of dark web cyber attacks is a difficult task with too many ‘technicalities’’. He further stated that “rather than making claims based on guesses, there should be a competent, responsible, and evidence-based approach to detecting cyber-related issues.”

Reportedly, hundreds of employees were affected without even knowing. Fortunately, the company stated that network systems containing financial and customer data were not impacted by the dark web attack.

Based on New Corp’s employee letter, employees who have been affected have received assistance from the firm with threat activity officially contained to prevent further damages.

Currently, News Corp is attempting to investigate the dark web hack attack that reportedly extended to February 2020, completely undetected by the company’s cyber security team.

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