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Anonymous Hackers Hacked Russian TV Stations

Russians View Real War Images

Anonymous Hacktivist promotes real war images to regular Russian citizens, who have been blocked from the reality playing out in Vladimir Putin’s war launched against Ukraine. The dark web hacking group fighting for Ukraine continues their war against the Russian government and its propaganda machine. Anonymous revealed that the group have hacked several Russian state TV broadcasts to show real war footage from Ukraine.

The cyber war on Russia rages on as Anonymous claims to have hacked into Russian official television to broadcast images of the Ukraine conflict. The hacktivist organization claimed to have attacked Russian-based news channels, Russia 24, Channel One, and Moscow 24 as well as two Russian streaming sites, Ivi and Wink, to demonstrate the brutality of the Russian invasion.

Currently, President Vladimir Putin has painted a picture of noble intentions to the Russian people, telling them that the invasion is a “special military operation” and a “peacekeeping exercise,” while cracking down on anti-war protests. Kremlin propaganda channels portray a civil war in Ukraine, “fueled by Nazi nationalists emboldened by the West and NATO expansion.”

Hackers Urged Russians Resist War

However, Anonymous’ Sunday hack exposed the truth of the war to Russians. In their take down of Russia, the dark web hackers claimed to be part of the “largest Anonymous op ever witnessed.” The film aired on Russian television featured the statement, ‘ordinary Russians are against the war,’ and urged viewers to resist the invasion.

The Anonymous War continues, with its secret group of dark web hackers claiming to have taken control of Russia’s space service, allowing Putin to “no longer have authority over spy satellites.” Anonymous-affiliated Network Battalion 65, or ‘NB65,’ released a tweet claiming to show Roscosmos server information.

They claimed to have downloaded and erased sensitive files pertaining to the space agency’s satellite imagery and Vehicle Monitoring System. The head of Roscosmos, on the other hand, disputed the assertion and referred to Anonymous as “scammers and petty swindlers”, claiming that their information is false.

Russian Soldiers Offered US$53,000.00

According to Director General Dmitry Rogozin, all Russian space activity control centers are fully operational. He also threatened that any hacking of Russia’s satellites will be used as the reason for war. Rogozin has previously stated that cyber hackers cannot gain control of the Russian space industry, orbital group, or Russian portion of the International Space Station.

However, Anonymous has already stated that ‘The WS02 has been destroyed, credentials have been cycled, and the server has been shut down.’ The hacktivist group also warned that they will not stop their cyber ware against Russia until Vladimir Putin stops his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

This happened just days after Anonymous claimed to have successfully infiltrated over 300 Russian websites and offered troops more than $53,000 (£39,000) in exchange for surrendering their tanks.

According to Ukrainian media, the hacker community has accumulated over RUB 1 billion ($10.3 million) and is giving tank crews money for each surrendered tank.

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