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Dark Web Links to Massive Instagram Hack

Deep web Hackers hijack hundreds of corporation and influencer Instagram accounts in the latest dark web hacking news. They have demanded a ransom for each account of $40,000.00, and much higher.

In one of the latest cases of mass phishing linked to dark web hackers, a cybersecurity firm, ‘Secureworks’, confirm hackers have stolen and are hijacking the Instagram accounts of influencers with a massive fanbase and several corporations. Secureworks claims it uncovered the dark web hack operation in October 2021, when hackers took over several high profile accounts and demanded ransoms as high as USD 40,000 and even much higher for their return.

The deep web scam begins innocently, with hackers claiming to be ‘Instagram’ themselves. Under this disguise, the dark web hackers reported a case of copyright violation to targeted Instagram accounts. The message contains a link directing soon-to-be victims to a fake Instagram page operated by the dark web hackers.

Instagram Influencers Duped by Dark Web Hackers

The victims were all prompted to provide their Instagram information. And with the Instagram influencers password in hand, it grants the deep web hackers unrestricted access to the popular social influencers’ accounts.

After acquiring the Instagram account, explains Secureworks, the dark web hackers change the password and username. So far, usernames are being changed to ‘pharabenfarway,’ followed by a number reflecting the number of followers under the hijacked account. Several sites have already popped out of the woodworks, claiming to sell certain accounts for thousands of dollars. The deep web hackers themselves seem to leave a comment on the profile stating that ‘this Instagram account is being kept to be sold back to its owner.’.

Russian and Turkish Hackers Demand Ransom

The dark web hackers have made themselves available for discussion via a truncated WhatsApp domain (wa. me) and a phone number. These numbers have identified the deep web hackers’ locations in Turkey and Russia, and at least one of the hackers confirmed to be living in Turkey. In one instance, phishing messages came from the Turkish-language version of Instagram, with the source page of one of the phishing sites connected to ‘’, a Turkish file-sharing service.

Additionally, it’s reported that those who click the WhatsApp link are prompted into a chat session with the dark web hackers. However, victims themselves can negotiate a ransom in return for account access. Based on the domain creation dates, Secureworks believes this campaign was launched in late 2021, with a large number of high profile Instagram accounts being stolen to date.

Instagram Hacked and Email Changed

My Instagram Got Hacked – What Do I Do?

Watch out for phishing emails sent by hackers that will ask you to click on a link. You must be aware that hackers always send links compromised with dangerous virus and malware. Check other email correspondence sent from the official Instagram website to see the email address used by the social media site. Do not click on suspicious links – Delete them immediately.

  • Look for the Email From Instagram. Have you received an email from “” notifying you that your email address was changed?
  • Ask for a Login Link.
  • Identity Verification.
  • Keep an Eye on the Login Activity.
  • Stay Away From Phishing Emails.

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