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Target Targets Dark Web Hackers

Target’s Merry-Maker Stops Scam

Target takes on dark web hackers that have always preyed on its eCommerce online business. To address the increasing number of web skimming attacks, the company released a tool called “Merry-Maker” which is now an open-source project. After failing to find a solution to prevent digital theft, the retailer developed “Merry-Maker” to address the issue. The tool was designed and tested by its IT technicians and has proven to effectively detect web skimmers.

For decades, dark web hackers have been link to cyber security hacks that infiltrates companies’ computer networks, and steal private information belonging to millions of clients. And after falling prey to dark webs scammers, Target set out to find a solution.

Thus, the birth of the “Merry-Maker”, the cyber attack fighting tool is set to address a crucial issue that has plagued all eCommerce business that operates on the Internet. The tool created by the retail giant, so far, prevents digital theft by dark web hackers on its eCommerce platform that host millions of yearly shoppers.

Through its successful testing, Target decided to release Merry-Maker to the public. This tool works seamlessly when a guest purchases on its website.

Security Against Credit Card Skimming

Web skimming is a type of cyber crime that occurs when a dark web hacker gets access to an e-store’s web pages and collects card-skimming codes. Despite the various security measures taken by retailers, the attacks still continue to be a serious cyber security threat.

The dark web threat is also known as card skimming, it has long plagued online stores. And despite various preventative measures, the dark web hackers continue to launch their card skimming codes on mostly retail stores. Nonetheless, Target’s scanning tool have been able to detect and prevent the launch of these malicious codes. As revealed by Target, the Merry-Maker has done more than a million successful scans, so far.

The Merry-Maker, upon detecting suspicious activities triggers alerts, that are recorded in the background. This info can quickly be acted upon by cyber security prevention measures for remediation while completing the shopping process. With this real time approach, Target quickly identifies and promptly remove malicious codes.

In addition, with the effectiveness of the Merry-Maker, the tool is made available for other online stores that wants to promptly perform scans. Thus, this tool in real time is said to prevent any stealth attack by dark web hackers. Additionally, in a move that should send a message to dark web hacking groups, Target released the tool as open source on the GitHub platform, as revealed in the company’s blog post.

Furthermore, the retail giant wants everyone to benefit from its cyber hack fighting invention. Target explained that the Merry-Maker can analyze and detect all abnormal behavior during each transaction.

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