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Ukraine Recruits Dark Web Hackers

Global Dark Web Hackers Recruitment Drive

The Latest Ukraine war update reveals the recruitment of dark web hackers to help Ukrainian hackers attack 31 Russian entities. The targeted websites include banks, government buildings, and critical infrastructures, in a bid to help wage war and cripple the Russian empire.

Ukraine is using every strategy to wage war against its number one enemy – Russia. In a bid to bolster its fight against antagonistic Russia, Ukrainian IT tech staff is recruiting dark web hackers to help launch coordinated attacks against Russian entities.

The recruiting entity dubbed “IT army” is seeking volunteer security researchers and dark web hackers. These recruits will target and launch cyber attacks against a list of thirty-one important Russian entities. Thus, Vladimir Putin’s country is set on high alert as the list includes important government agencies and financial institutions such as Russia’s main banks. In addition, the dark web hackers will hack into critical infrastructure in a bid to cripple the Russian regime.

Ukraine’s ‘IT Army’ of Hackers

The recruitment drive soliciting the help of dark web hackers commenced on Saturday afternoon, with Ukraine’s Minister for Digital Transformation Mykhaylo Fedorov. In the announcement, the Minister begged for volunteers with “digital talents” to help create an “IT Army”. According to the statement, dark web hackers are needed on the cyber frontline to assist in conducting operational tasks against the Russian government.

Fedorov created a Telegram channel to help coordinate its global initiative of volunteer IT Army operations. Additionally, the 31 Russian targets were made public on the newly formed Telegram channel.

On the list, Yandex search engine is a critical target, the popular Internet browser, and top email portal serves millions of Russians. Government agencies and their IP addresses were short-listed for the hacking campaign, as well. In addition, government storage devices and even their mail servers made the hacking list.

Furthermore, Russia’s three largest banks, and big corporations that support critical infrastructure throughout Russia made the list. With the published list of very important Russian entities, Ukraine hackers and its team of global volunteers have began launching hacking campaigns.

Russian Hackers Join Ukraine’s IT Army

The Defense Ministry’s call to arms of a global IT Army is in conjunction with the recruitment of Ukraine’s underground hacker community.

According to the publication, all dark web hackers are invited to assist in the unprovoked war by Russia against Ukraine. And with the coordinated cyber attacks against Russia, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry sees the hacking community as an important army of fighters.

Dark web hackers willing to help Ukraine fight Russia can join the recruitment drive published by Yegor Aushev, founder of Cyber Unit Technologies, who shared the application form on Facebook.

So far, Aushev stated that dark web hackers from all corners of the world have signed up. But what makes it even more interesting is that even Russian hackers have answered the call. Above all, Vladimir Putin’s illegal war against the sovereign nation is being met with resistance from even Russian citizens.

Notably, the International Anonymous Hacktivist Group has already started their own cyber hacking war against Russia to help Ukraine.

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