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Ukraine, Russia and Belarus Locked in Cyber War

Belarus Soldiers Join Conflict

Decades and even centuries ago; it was customary for only highly trained military staff to take part in war conflicts. However, the battle line now involves the digital space where even the fight online has advanced into full scale attacks on enemy countries.

Over the years, dark web hackers have been known to launch devastating cyber hacks against businesses that operate on the World Wide Web. Now, they have proven to be even a lethal force when it comes to war conflict as that of the Russian and Ukraine war.

The latest update on the Russian conflict launched against Ukraine shows that the war is now 12 days old. With both sides of the brutal conflict accounting for mass casualties, for now, it seems there is no relief for Ukraine on the horizon, as Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his reign of terror on the Ukrainian people.

Lately, Belarus has been featured prominently in many news updates as the country’s leader indicates his military would enter Ukraine to fight alongside Putin’s soldiers. And as the battle heats up on the ground, so has the cyber warfare among Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Russian dark web hackers. So far, numerous government entities mainly in Russia have had their fair share of setbacks.

Ukraine Hackers Attack Enemies Sites

Also, as the lethal web based warfare commensurate with the bloody battle raging on the ground between Ukraine and Russian soldiers, the fight by the dark web hacking groups has been devastating as well. hackers have managed to administer crippling blows to some very important structures across the three countries. As of late, Ukrainian’s underground hackers have been a part of the digital troop battling along with a newly formed worldwide ‘IT Team’. The unlikely team of threat actors have been successfully launching cyber attacks against many vital Russian sites.

Presently, the Ukrainian dark web fighters have asserted themselves to be a critical force to reckon with, as they continue to impede access of Government owned entities in Russia and Belarus from being accessed on the Internet.

Ukraine’s “IT Army” was dispatched into reality recently, and have already reaped success in their hacking endeavors. The team is inclusive of hackers from various nations that were quickly enrolled to attack and knock Russian key establishments offline. Up to this point, the now infamous ‘IT Army’ has been using every dark web tactic in coordinated attacks. They have also leaked highly confidential information about Belarusian and Russian government officials on the Internet.

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