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Anonymous Hacktivists’ War on Putin

The war that continues to murder Ukrainians and destroy their country has created tension between Russia and the rest of the world. And that intense battle has brought a barrage of critical sanctions geared at crippling the Russian empire. So far, sanctions from European countries, the USA and United Kingdom continued to be levied against Vladimir Putin and some very wealthy Russian oligarchs.

The Russian illegally launched war against its neighbor Ukraine, so far, has garnered some violent consequences from all over the globe. President Putin’s invasion has also instigated a league of Ukrainian hacking groups emboldened by global hackers, which are fighting to help the Ukrainian people win against Putin’s tyranny.

According to Vice, dark web hackers have now targeted Russian electric vehicles and have prevented them from charging. The stations that sit along Russia’s M11 motorway have reported that the chargers have failed, which is largely in part to its Ukrainian manufactured controllers being reprogrammed by dark web hackers.

The company that provides these parts for the electric vehicles has reportedly used what is termed as a backdoor located in the control systems. Accordingly, the Rosseti group that manages the infrastructure of charging stations stated that the M-11 route charging stations fall under another IT management group. The chargers were taken down for repair work according to the IT company responsible for the electric charging ports.

Hackers Hijacked Russia’s Electric Vehicles

A purchased statement revealed that the “Charging stations on Russia’s M-11 route were bought in 2020. Retrieved documents about the open purchase show that the contract was awarded to the Russian company LLC ‘Gzhelprom. However, its main controller is made by Ukraine’s Autoenterprise.

Before the ensuing war, these controllers built with internet capability were often shipped from Ukraine to countries across the European continent. With the hidden Internet access, dark web hackers were able to exploit these power charging stations and reprogrammed them with damning Russian rhetoric.

The breached data controllers have been circulating on social media platforms with videos displaying messages to support Ukrainians in this time of disaster. AutoEnterprise officials re-posted a video that displayed this error in English “CALL SERVICE NO PLUGS AVAILABLE.”

In addition, customers were treated to an additional message in Russian: “GLORY TO UKRAINE! GLORY TO THE HEROES! PUTIN IS A D**KHEAD! DEATH TO THE ENEMY!”

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