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Dark Web Hackers Fight Russia Ukraine War

In the Russia and Ukraine war, dark web hackers fight alongside their preferred country. Centuries ago, war was just a physical fight with guns, swords, cannons, muskets, sweat, blood, gore, and the ultimate sacrifice – Death. 

Fast forward to today’s modern warfare; It is quite obvious that wars have transcended to the new age, with technology featured prominently.

In 2022, the war launched by Russia against Ukraine, leaders of physical armed forces have rallied an unlikely source. This support comes from the most dangerous and hated source – dark web hackers. In this digital age, cyber artillery has added more weaponry to the war, with certified authentic hackers and even self-taught dark web hackers taking up arms, to help wage war against an opponent’s country.

There are hackers on both sides of the Ukraine and Russia war, with hacking groups choosing a country to fight for in the ongoing invasion of Russian soldiers into Ukraine. Dark web hacking crews have been busy attacking each other, issuing malicious threats, and even going as far as banning members that have supported opposing sides.

Russian Hackers Under Fire

As the illegal invasion into Ukraine by Vladimir Putin continues, Russian hackers have been banned from forums supporting Ukraine.

This week, bans and threats greet Russian hackers that tried to access the Raidforums marketplace. Reportedly, an administrator states that dark web hackers with Russian IP addresses are no longer welcome on its dark web forum. Thus, it is quite obvious that Raidforums marketplace supports the Ukrainian people, and has openly revealed its displeasure against Russia.

Ukraine Hackers Warned

However, on the other side of the war sits the dangerous Conti ransomware group, who issued their “full support of the Russian government”. The Conti dark web hacking group, with unabated breath, came out swinging for President Putin. In a statement, the ransomware group threatened to unleash devastating cyber attacks against any hacking group that dares to launch any cyber security breaches against Russian entities.

No doubt, Conti is one of the largest ransomware groups that have launched malicious malware on several high profile companies around the globe. But on the Ukraine side lurks the international “Anonymous Hacktivism” hackers waging crippling cyber warfare against Russia.

Ukraine Hackers Recruitment Drive

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has called on all hackers to join in the fight against Russia in a newly formed “IT Army”. The global initiative solicits the help of dark web hackers worldwide to assist Ukrainian hackers launch coordinated cyber hacks against 31 high profile Russian establishments. The unfortunate targets on the list include Russian government facilities, financial institutions, and companies that support pivotal Russian infrastructures.

Ukraine hackers have answered the battle cry to mobilize in the war against Russia. With the underground dark web hacking group taking up the proverbial cyber attack arms, they are fighting tooth and nail against the aggressors that have invaded their birthright – Ukraine.

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