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Dark Web Links 2023; New Escobar Trojan

Banking establishments in the financial sector are set to experience a tough year for 2023. The sector is being targeted by a new series of more dangerous hacking attacks. Recently, cyber analysts that track ransomware, viruses, and malware have reported the return of a once popular malicious malware. Cyber researchers revealed that they are tracking a Trojan formerly known as ABerebot, which, in the past, was recorded as a banking Android Trojan.

The old banking trojan named AbereBot has a new name; “Escobar” . Now it boasts even more malicious features that are more advanced than its older version. One of the most prominent features of its improved functionalities is that it now possesses a more advanced setting that can target and steal Google Authenticator MFA codes.

The improved version of the Trojan features secure logins by allowing it to be able to bypass the critical authentication process. Rebranded with a new name; it was discovered by Cyble researchers, who revealed in a blog post titled: AbereBot Android Trojan Transforms Into “Escobar”.

Details about Escobar Malware

As revealed by the cyber analysts’ posts, now the malicious app has stronger capabilities to demand access to an Android phone SMS network. Additionally, it can infiltrate the contacts storage, audio, call logs, and even the gadget’s accessibility service. The trojan’s access can infiltrate protected protocols like OTPs and even the multi-factor authentication codes of the infected gadget.

Another noticed feature is that Escobar functionalities can disable the keylogger feature and the password, along with the private security features on any device. In addition, the malware also steals device details, account credentials, emails addresses, and gathers other private accounts details on the infected device.

Also, equipped with GPS tracking, the new 2023 Trojan variant collects the IP location of targeted devices and steals media files. The new Escobar Trojan that is set to dominate 2023 can also inject compromised URLs into infiltrated devices.

Finally, what’s even more surprising is that the newly improved Escobar Trojan that previously terrorizes financial institutions as the malicious Aberebot; now self-destruct on command, and easily wipe out all its infectious traces.

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