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Ukraine Hackers War Against Russian Hackers

Dark Web Hackers Fighting War

Dark web hackers, whether state-backed or independent hacking groups, have been busy helping their country in the war launched by Russia against Ukraine. Already countless cyber attacks have been launched by underground hackers. Reportedly, most of the cyber breaches were launched against Ukrainian targets. In addition, hackers that opposed Russia have been busy launching cyber attacks on Russian targets.

And as Russian soldiers continue their aggressive push into Ukrainian cities, dark web hacking groups have taken up cyber arms to fight alongside their country in the ongoing conflict.

Hackers War Stance

Today, as the war continues several hacking communities are now actively involved in the Russia versus Ukraine aggression. Many hacking groups have expressed their displeasure and have gotten involved, even following models of real world societies, namely the United State of America and the European Union.

One such real world political model is that of Raidforums marketplace that has expressed its displeasure against Russia. In a surprise move, a top administrator notified Russian hackers that they were no longer welcome on the dark web forum. And just like the USA and the EU political model, sanctions and bans were imposed on hackers with IP addresses located in Russia

Russia’s Security Firm Data Breach

Additionally, Russian dark web hackers were greeted with a serious threat from a top Raidforums member. Reportedly, the hacking group showing their disgust revealed critical emails and passwords from the FSB.ru computer database. The hashed passwords and private emails are that of members of the Federal Security Service (FSB), which is the top security firm in Russia.

What’s more, the important and private database sample contains the confidential data of Russia’s main security firm across different regions. Notably, the Raidforums’ hacker with the security firm’s sensitive email data is responsible for similar high profile database breaches.

The .mil domain located in the USA is one such hacking breach carried out by that top tiered member of the Raidforums marketplace.

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