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Chinese Hackers Launch War Against Russia

Dark web hackers from China have started their own cyber security war against Russia, according to Google’s TAG cyber security team. An announcement was made recently by the cybersecurity analysts after noticing an increase in Russian cyber attacks linked to a group of Chinese government-sponsored hackers. The hackers have been identified as the China’s People’s Liberation Army Strategic Support Force (PLA SSF).

In recently reported cyber activity news that focuses on the Eastern European region, the threat actors have successfully targeted mostly agencies that are associated with Vladimir Putin. They have also hacked into the private networks of NATO, and have wreaked hacking attacks against several European countries.

Russian Government Breaches

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) is the top defense force that ensures that Google users are always protected against state-sponsored cyber security attacks. According to the group, the APT group of hackers has, so far, been quite successful in infiltrating a plethora of Russian companies.

The previously revealed analytical TAG reports stated that the dark web hackers have increased their attacks against Russia’s military organizations, as well as targeted agencies associated with the Vladimir Putin government. Additionally, the threat actors are responsible for cyber security breaches that target entities in other European countries such as Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and even the war-torn country of Ukraine.

Mustang Panda Hackers

Cybersecurity firm Secureworks revealed that the Mustang Panda group of dark web hackers employed by the Chinese government entity were quite busy targeting Russian diplomats, or armed services personnel connected to the Kremlin.

However, although the Chinese government has remained relatively neutral to the war invasion of Russia against Ukraine, it seems that the Chinese state-sponsored hackers are on a different trajectory. With some of Russia’s military organizations under increased attacks by these threat actors, their long running hacking campaigns have targeted even Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The latest hacking news was reported by Google’s security engineer Billy Leonard.

So far, the TAG cyber security analysts revealed that the Chinese hackers have targeted Russia’s manufacturers, logistics companies, and even contractors affiliated with the Russian government.

In addition to Google’s TAG cyber security researchers, the Secureworks agency has been tracking the hacking group Mustang Panda. The infamous hackers are renowned for compromising high ranking officials, as well as military personnel in several countries across Europe.

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