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Russia Crippled by IT Data Storage

Local Russian Businesses Collapsing

Russia’s war on Ukraine has left the country teetering on the edge since its invasion launched on February 24, 2022. As it stands, Vladimir Putin not only faces rebuke from almost the entire world, but also some critical blows to the country’s infrastructure. The Russian economy is already careening into a deep abyss, and its Information Technology (IT) storage capacity needed to keep the country connected to the World Wide Web has added more pain to the injury.

Already Russia is facing sanctions from the entire European block as well as western powers such as the United States of America. The country also faces a long drawn out war that its President did not anticipate. And adding more pain to that crisis, dark web hackers are on a mission that has crippled numerous government owned entities and other privately owned enterprises.

Russia’s latest crisis left the country with limited data storage space as Western cloud providers have pulled their services from the country, as punishment for the ensuing war that has left hundreds of Ukraine citizens and soldiers dead, as well as created a massive humanitarian crisis with over 2.5 million Ukrainians fleeing the country.

More Western Countries Cut Ties

With just about two more months for the country’s data storage to be depleted, Russia is now in damage control, as it works hard to acquire much needed data storage before the impending D-day deadline.

Some businesses that have already removed their services have become the viable option for the Russian government. Putin’s ministers have been exploring various solutions that they hope would resolve the war driven IT storage problem. Local companies have been brought into the mix as the government is currently leasing domestic data storage, and seizing IT resources from businesses that have ended their service to Russia.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation hosted representatives of several Russian companies, most of which have been under attack by dark web hackers. Sberbank,Yandex, MTS, Croc, Oxygen, Rostelecom, and Atom-Data, are the companies set to be crippled by the data storage debacle.

Accordingly Kommersant, the Russian news company confirmed the cloud shortage issue, and the new proposal considered by the Russian government. Sources close to the affected parties have confirmed that the companies have acknowledged that in roughly two months Russia will face a devastating data storage collapse.

The imposed sanctions levied by numerous countries have started to take a toll on the Kremlin. As of late, all Russian companies have relied on domestic cloud storage; however, it is left to be seen how long these local service providers will be able to facilitate the impending collapse caused by the pull out of Western cloud storage companies.

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