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Dark Web Hackers Attack NATO

Russian Hackers Wage War on Europe

NATO became the latest target of state-sponsored dark web hackers. According to cyber security analysts, there were recent hack attempts by Russian hacking groups to infiltrate the networks of militaries associated with NATO. The hackers attempted hacks were mostly on countries in the Eastern region of Europe.

The Russian hackers were tracked by Google cyber analysts, who, on Wednesday, reported the recently attempted hack into the military networks of NATO and its alliances.

Google Tracked Hackers

NATO and its allied countries have been demanding Russia end the illegal war in Ukraine, which was launched on February 24, 2022. With war crimes being committed on the ground by Russian soldiers, dark web hackers aligned to Vladimir Putin have been busy raging cyber warfare against Ukraine entities. Russian dark web hackers have also attack Western countries that have levied crippling economic sanctions on the Kremlin.

The report that the Google team dubbed “credential phishing campaigns” failed to divulge which European NATO allied militaries were targeted by the dark web hackers. However, the team of analysts revealed that the Russian Coldriver, or Callisto hacking group carried out the attacks.

The cyber researchers described that the hackers created new Gmail accounts to launch their cyber warfare. In addition to other forms of email accounts were used by the threat actors. Thus, the cyber analysts were unable to provide information on the hackers’ phishing campaigns’ success rate.

Cyber Attacks on Western Targets

Russia’s very wealthy oligarchs are losing millions of dollars daily as seizures and sanctions continue to be levied against them. On the other hand, its regular citizens are now feeling the full effect of heavy economic sanctions. The country’s Ruble continues its free fall as the invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, drags into its 36th day.

With heightened cyber attacks carried out by dark web hacking group on both sides of the war, Russia continues its denial even as evidence mounts. Since the beginning of the war, cyber security analysts have revealed that evidence showed that many Western targets have been regularly hacked by the dark web hackers aligned with Russia.

Daily Attacks on NATO

In 2019, the Callisto dark web hackers were tracked by a Finnish cybersecurity firm known as F-Secure Labs. The security firm described the group of hackers as a relatively unknown but advanced team of threat actors, who targets intelligence networks of countries in the European region.

Callisto’s latest hack was on NATO’s Centre of Excellence, according to the Google analysts’ report. However, no elaborate detail about the recent dark web hack was made available in the statement. Meanwhile, NATO did not acknowledge the reported hack by Google analysts. However, a statement by its cybersecurity analysts revealed they have recorded numerous malicious cyber activities daily.

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