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Hackers Leak Classified Kremlin Info

Dark Web Hackers’ Cyber Revenge

Hacker Collective Anonymous behind massive Kremlin data leak, vows to continue Cyberwar on Russia for Ukraine

The infamous dark web hacking group has recently released a vast cache of top classified Kremlin documents. The cyber war continues as Anonymous vows to continue their onslaught on the invading nation until their ‘aggression’ towards Ukraine ends. 

With the renowned deep web hackers latest cyber war against Russia, the cyber attack scored the collective a whopping 200,000 emails from the Russian Ministry of culture, which regulates censorship, archives, art, and other forms of Russian propaganda. Several government agencies and Russian businesses were also hit by the threat actors’ latest hack.

As part of their continued efforts to damage the Russian war effort, the vigilante hackers also targeted sensitive data from Russian private gas and oil company; Aerogas. This is only one of several hacks already carried out by the ‘Anonymous hacking group. In addition, the collective deep web hackers have recently performed a data dump of Russian military weak spots, and have done multiple takeovers of state-controlled television. 

Anonymous Hackers’ Massive Attack

Since the first day of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Anonymous has conducted many operations to spread awareness on what the Kremlin continues to call a “special military operation.” Just last month, the Anonymous-affiliated ‘Network Battalion 65’, or ‘NB65’ claimed to have shut down Russia’s space program in an attempt to cripple Putin’s control over Russian spy satellites. 

According to the prolific hackers, files connected to the space agency’s satellite imagery and Vehicle Monitoring System were downloaded and erased. President of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin has since dismissed the assertion in favor of the Russian narrative, claiming the hacktivist group to be “scammers and petty swindlers.”

Russian Soldiers’ Private Data Leaked

Anonymous has also gone on to expose the personal data of over 100,000 Russian soldiers active in Ukraine in that same time frame – exposing names, home addresses, dates of birth, unit affiliation, passport numbers, etc. 

The collective claimed on Twitter, earlier this month, that “all soldiers involved in the invasion of Ukraine should be subjected to a war crime tribunal,” as their motivations for targeting Russian soldiers specifically. On a smaller scale, The ‘Anonymous’ dark web hackers have claimed to hack compromised printing systems across Russia that prints ‘anti-propaganda’ messages against the Ukrainian invasion.

And as the war on the ground drags to 48 days, the Anonymous hackers’ cyber warfare against Russia continues to reap success; 35,000 documents from Russia’s central bank were stolen by the hackers. So far, the collective group of hacktivists vows to continue its fight against Vladimir Putin and his army of criminals.

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