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New Phishing Scam Targets T-Mobile Clients

T-Mobile subscribers are being targeted by a phishing attempt that uses unblockable texts sent over SMS (Short Message Service). The messaging Apps deliver malicious links to hackers’ websites. As of late, many customers reported being targeted by this new SMS phishing (smishing) campaign. The phishing scam was revealed by the New Jersey Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC), which revealed the new hacking campaign and warned consumer about the T-Mobile new 2022 phishing scam.

The New Jersey Cybercrime Center is a component of the state’s Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness. With its focus on accident prevention, and cybercrime assessment; it exchanges cyber security analytical information to the relevant US Defense authorities.

One such report by the company shows that cracked adwares are now the target used to create a new Industrial Spy stolen data market.

Phishing Scam “Gifts”

Dark web hackers are offering duped consumers a thank you ‘gift’ in the newly reported phishing scam communications. With varied sentiments, the polite criminals always expressed gratitude to their victims for settling their debts. According to the NJCCIC, the ‘thank you’ sentiment provides a hyperlink to a ‘gift’. However, the analysts warned that the links redirect to fraudulent websites that steal private information, meanwhile its downloading a malware on the victims’ devices.

In March, a similar smishing campaign victimizes Verizon Wireless and Spectrum customers. With fake text messages, the dark web hackers spoof the customer service number of the targeted communication providers’ network. Consumers must be vigilant against scammers that send texts messages to their phone numbers.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, modified (spoofed) Companies’ phone numbers appear as if the mobile phone carriers are texting from their clients’ phone number to themselves. However, the surprise of receiving messages from oneself is likely to capture the intended victims’ attention — the perfect entryway into being scammed.

Hack Installs Malware

The FTC revealed, that dark web hackers have been linked to utilizing exploited information from previously reported data breaches. And according to NJCCIC, this latest T-Mobile smishing campaign aimed at the company’s consumers also involves previous data breaches affecting millions of individuals, who have done business with the mobile provider. T-Mobile has been the target of threat actors with five security breaches that affects its clients.

T-Mobile compromised prepayment clients’ data in 2019, and hackers obtained access to T-Mobile workers’ email accounts in March 2020. Dark web hackers also acquired access to customer confidential network information in December 2020.

Stolen Numbers and Call Records

Two months later, in February 2021, threat actors infiltrated a confidential T-Mobile application. After accessing T-testing Mobile’s settings, in August 2021, dark web hackers hacked the network again.

With the constant hacks on the T-Mobile network, the company stated in December 2021 that the data breach in August was linked to the SIM swap hacking that targets a very limited number of subscribers.

Malicious Email Links Alert

T-Mobile customers are being cautioned to avoid text messages with links from unfamiliar sources. Individuals are warned to protect themselves from persistent smishing attempts where rewards are promised for paying bills.

Clients have been directed by T-Mobile to ensure that they are on the official T-Mobile’s website or pay in person at one of their locations. The company warned against directly inputting personally identifiable information on websites that redirects to another site after clicking links sent over SMS. Also, to help to protect its clients from dark web scammers, on its support page, T-Mobile offers online safety tips as well as information on avoiding scams and fraud.

Delete suspicious text messages is the best way that consumers can protect themselves against dark web hackers, who constantly launch phishing scams. To prevent failing victims to hackers, subscribers can also report abusive phishing scams by texting it to the number 7726. (SPAM).

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