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Russia Set to Attack USA?

USA Warned of Russian Cyber War

The White House has issued a stark warning about impending dark web hacks against USA companies. According to intelligence by cybersecurity analysts, Russian state-sponsored hackers are in the process of launching a cyber war against USA entities in the near future.

This is stated to be in accordance with strict sanctions levied by the United States government against Russia, after its illegal invasion of the Ukrainian territory. President Biden has been shipping a large cache of weapons to aid Ukraine to repel the Russian dictator; Vladimir Putin. Thus, with the intelligence gathered; it is expected that retaliation from the Kremlin is right on the horizon.

The White House revealed that the expected cyber hacks will target some of America’s most important establishments, as well as some critical infrastructure.

Dark Web Links to Cyber Warfare

Cyber attacks by dark web hackers have featured prominently in the current war against Ukraine launched on February 24, 2022. At the moment, Ukraine has a group of global hackers rumored to be about 300,000 strong, which are very involved in the ongoing Russian and Ukraine conflict. The global hackers dubbed Ukraine’s IT Army have been busy launching retaliatory cyber hacks against Russian infrastructure and other Kremlin interests.

Meanwhile, the ongoing war has catapulted a barrage of hacking jobs against Ukraine entities, as well. However, as of late, the US intelligence revealed that America has not been targeted by any state-sponsored Russian hackers.

Deputy National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger had urged USA businesses to fortify their cybersecurity defenses. The new intelligence shows that Russia is involved in “preparatory activity” to launch potential cyber attacks on the United States.

Private companies received the warning in a press briefing hosted by Neuberger. Targets that could be hacked include sixteen different industries, such as energy, information technology, transportation, healthcare, communications, emergency services, along with food and agriculture.

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