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Teen Dark Web Hacker Links to Lapsus$

UK Teenager Leads Lapsus$ Hacking Group

Bloomberg reports that a United Kingdom teenager may be the ringleader of the Lapsus$ dark web hacking group. The hackers have been link to the latest cyber attacks on Microsoft, Samsung, and Nvidia.

According to Bloomberg, a team of cyber security analysts discovered evidence that suggests a teen based in the United Kingdom is in charge of the group’s activities. In addition, Bloomberg has not named the teen due to his age. Also, law enforcement officials have not charged him with a crime as investigators were unable to link him to all Lapsus$ hack.

Following investigations into the Lapsus$ hacker gang, the UK police have arrested several people, including a few teenagers, in connection with the infamous dark web hackers. The arrests occurred after Bloomberg confirmed that a teenager was the mastermind behind the Lapsus$ hacker gang, which claimed responsibility for a slew of data thefts at Samsung, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Okta. 

16 Years Old UK Hackers

Those arrested are among the ages of 16 to 21. However,  Lapsus$ members were not named by the law enforcement agency, and none of the dark web hackers apprehended were legally charged.

The boy’s mother spoke with a Bloomberg reporter and denied knowing about the hacking claims against her son. She also refused to speak about them or make him accessible for an interview. The group itself is believed to extend as far as South America, with one teen from Brazil partaking in Lapsus$ persistent attempts on various tech giants. According to investigators, the teens’ level of skill originally led them to believe that what they were seeing was automated.

Lapsus$ hackers latest hacking spree placed identity authentication firm Okta under the spotlight. Reportedly, the mysterious dark web hacking group released screenshots of Okta’s internal tickets and in-house chat on the messaging tool Slack to its Telegram channel. Following the latest hack, roughly 2.5 percent of Okta clients may have been affected, with links to millions of global customers.

Microsoft Thwart Hackers

Microsoft, one of Lapsus$ recent targets, reported that it was able to stop a data attack by the group after it publicized the operation on social media. The hackers only acquired “limited access” to a single account, a result of Microsoft taking advantage of the group’s publicity-mongering through the recent dark web hacks.

With the hackers publicizing its recent hack, Microsoft was already investigating the compromised account based on threat intelligence. Above all, with the hacking group’s public disclosure, Microsoft was able to stop the breach right in the middle of its operation. 

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