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Android Devices Riddled with Flaws

Pre-built Apps Plagued by Malicious Flaws

Consumers are under daily attack by criminal hackers that are constantly targeting them to steal their private information. The age of technology has introduced a whole new onslaught of problems in the form of hacking, which helps to fuel the demand for stolen and illegal stuff being sold on dark web marketplaces.

Recently, Microsoft revealed a startling discovery that shows that devices built on the Androitad framework are equipped with many flaws. These uncovered problems continuously posed a huge threat to consumers. It has been revealed that some renowned telecommunication providers have utilized these compromised pre-built Apps in manufacturing Android gadgets that were sold to consumers.

So far, with this recent revelation of numerous flaws in the Androitad framework, the number of Android device owners impacted is expected to be several millions. Additionally, many individuals could have already had their data stolen by dark web hackers, who constantly target unfixed Zero-day vulnerabilities reported in software applications.

Microsoft’s latest revelation about the usage of flawed Android software had prompted most distributors to update the software with the latest patch issued by the developers. However, some vendors have still not administered the patch that would fix the host of unpatched vulnerabilities, and protect their customers.

Bugs in Android Apps analytical report issued by the tech giant highlight the specifics found in each security flaw. One such vulnerability is the mce Systems Android framework. According to the Microsoft article, it detailed how the compromised pre-built applications have over time acquired prominence.

The analytical research done by the Microsoft cyber security team documented that the security of affected consumers is expected to be on a global level. In fact, Android devices are the most popularly used gadgets these days because of their easy access to the Internet. Thus, the impact stretches across the globe and has directly impacted Android devices with these security flaws.

In addition, individuals are not capable of deleting the compromised applications which can only be done through the devices’ root access. Above all, the analysts discovered that the framework applications are built with “BROWSABLE” interception capabilities. The communications on these flawed devices allowed for criminal hackers to digitally exploit multiple vulnerabilities, which they can use to implant an incessant backdoor to drop their virus payloads, and take significant control of the compromised Android device, according to Microsoft’s analytical post.

The Google Play Store, according to Microsoft, host numerous affected applications. However, the popular app store cannot be faulted since it is unable to detect these pre-built vulnerabilities.

With no insight into these vulnerabilities that often puts consumers at risk, they remain completely oblivious of the exploitable faults in these apps.

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