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China’s Slavery Camp Exposed

XinJiang Concentration Camp Breached by Hackers

China has many dark hidden secrets. Thanks to a dark web hacker or group of hackers, one of the Chinese empire’s dirty secret made its way into the public domain. Based on the findings of a massive journalistic research campaign, an unknown hacker – possibly several hackers – have successfully breached and obtained a large data cache from the computer systems of the high-impenetrable Xinjiang concentration camps.

The exact details of the hack remain unknown, however, this collaborative effort between hackers and authorities might be linked to the resurgence of hacktivism in the only community – with ‘front liners’ such as those involved in Ukraine’s resistance against Russia, as well as U.S. police department files being targeted and leaked.

Dr. Adrian Zenz, director and senior fellow in China Studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, has come forward with his input on the findings, stating that this is the first known and successful hack of China’s harrowing Xinjiang camps. Zenz had initially obtained the documents before sharing them with journalists. Other articles have been entirely based on Xinjiang-related data only, such as a January 2021 Intercept report. However, none have been explicitly labeled as resulting from a hack, until now.

Hackers Attack Concentration Camp

The BBC, which was one of the first organizations Zenz issued these findings to, stated that an unnamed supplier has claimed to hacked, downloaded, and decrypted the documents from a number of police computer servers in the Xinjiang region.

The archives themselves include photographs of 2,884 detainees, police education displays, and photographs of safety drills, security directives, and speeches delivered by top Chinese officials.

Most of these speeches are quite disturbing, showing the clear, policy implementation directives as well as the thought processes and intentions that led to these camps. One such speech, found on the Xinjiang Police Files website, shows security forces being ordered to open fire on anyone attempting to flee Xinjiang or trying to resist the state.

If anything, this breach has given the world an unprecedented glimpse into the true nature of Chinese authorities, as well as Xi Jinping’s involvement in these horrible events.

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