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DuckDuckGo Finally Blocks Microsoft’s Trackers

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A few months ago DuckDuckGo was exposed by analytical researcher Zach Edwards for allowing Microsoft to track its users while blocking the tracking cookies of its other rivals; Facebook and Google’s Chrome web browser.

The irony is that DuckDuckGo has built a reputation of being the only online web browser that assured 100 percent anonymous surfing. But that trust was broken when it was discovered Microsoft had full access to track consumers who utilize the anonymous web browser.

Recently, to further prevent alienating its customers, now DuckDuckgo has begun blocking the trackers of Microsoft at least 90% of the time. However, 10% is enough for the tech giant to gather enough users’ private data, from which DuckDuckGo should still be able to earn from with targeted Microsoft’s adverts.

Microsoft Trackers Changes

As of this coming week, changes will begin for both mobile DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser (iOS/Android) and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials. According to the company, both browser extensions will completely block all third-party tracking scripts; even Microsoft is among the already blocked browsers inclusive of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera.

The changes recently announced came after public backlash garnered from users’ feedback. Accordingly, the company issued a statement acknowledging that they had fallen short of their customer’s expectations, with regards to their anonymous browser’s online tracking implemented measures.

Thus, DuckDuckGo has promised that its clients will be fully protected from online browser tracking, as the company has implemented more privacy protection, coupled with transparency with its revamped service.

DuckDuckGo’s Failed Promise

A syndicated search content agreement, which was done in privacy became the subject of public backlash in May. Finally, Microsoft which was granted access to track DuckDuckGo users will also have its third-party tracking scripts removed from its privacy browser.

The failed attempt to block all third-party trackers serves as a direct contrast to the previous privacy description, which has made DuckDuckGo the most utilized Internet browser. It supposedly promised to block hidden trackers utilize by third-party websites to gather information about online web users, which oftentimes, is resold to marketing agencies.

In the Apple App Store, the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser advert boasts that its Tracker Radar automatically blocks trackers from targeting visitors on websites they visited through DuckDuckGo. It further states that it blocks all corporations that collect and sells consumers’ private data.

Now, that Microsoft is not exempt from the rules; its 3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection would be enforced for all companies. According to DuckDuckGo, the tech giant will join the list of twenty-one organizations whose tracking scripts have already been blocked by DuckDuckgo.

Previously, per the whistleblower report, the DuckDuckGo browser disabled Google and Facebook trackers but allowed Microsoft’s trackers to track individuals, who accessed its browser through Linkedin and Bing domains.

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