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Google Extends Battery Life of Tech Devices

How to fix a laptop battery that dies fast?

Short battery life has always been a problem for tech gadget consumers. They often tend to provide limited longevity for users, especially those who surf the Internet for extended periods. However, Google is about to answer devices’ short battery life issues.

Reportedly, Google is already working on providing a solution for short life batteries.

The tech giant reported the testing of a new feature that the company’s programmers are working on. Dubbed ‘Quick Intensive Throttling’, its benefit will be great for owners of mobile devices. The batteries of gadgets such as cellphones, tablets, and laptops will soon be able to last for longer periods. With the highlighted development, the newly created feature will provide a 10 percent reduction in tech devices’ CPU time.

Google’s new Chrome 87 will be coded with a battery extension feature for laptops and mobile devices. The new feature dubbed ‘Intensive Wake Up Throttling’ will work in tandem with the gadget’s JavaScript. Thus, preventing the re-activation of a tab more than once. So, an inactive device for more than five minutes, the new Google feature can only wake it once a minute.

Battery last 1.25 hours longer

With the new Chrome 87; it blocks JavaScript from waking up computer tabs more than once a minute. This small change, shows that it significantly reduces Chrome’s CPU usage. The test highlighted that the battery life lasted 5 times longer, for an average extension of up to 1.25 hours.

According to Google’s tech team, once a device is inactive for more than 5 minutes; it enters conservation mode. Thus, with the Intensive Wake Up Throttling launched, the 5 minutes timeout offers minimal regression risk.

With the success shown, the team wants to make hidden pages timeout lowered from 5 mins to 10 seconds. Accomplishing this feat would greatly increase the battery life of gadgets that utilizes the new Google Chrome 87.

How to install Google Chrome 87?

Currently, Google has made the new feature available for testing. However, it can only be done by installing the most recent version of Canary or Dev.

1. Download Chrome Canary or Chrome Dev.

2. Next enter this string in the address bar: chrome://flags/#quick-intensive-throttling-after-loading.

3. When prompted set the ‘Quick intensive throttling after loading’ flag to launch Google Chrome 87.

Source: BleepingComputer

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