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Harmful Apps Downloaded 10 Million Times

Google Play Store Plagued by Hackers

Every type of application to enhance the experience of using Android devices can be found in Google or Apple’s Apps Stores. And with all the newly created Apps that are uploaded daily, dark web hackers have found a unique way to hide their malicious malware in plain sight.

Recently, cyber security analysts have tracked a fresh batch of Android apps with malicious codes injected into them. But what’s damning about this set of malware is that unsuspecting victims have already downloaded them, and are using these Apps on a daily basis. So far, harmful malware and adware have found homes on approximately 10 million Android devices.

Analysts tracking the newest set of malicious Apps revealed that they have been downloaded at least 10 million times by users of Android mobile devices. On the Google Play Store, the malware-coded Apps are presented as image editors, virtual keyboards, wallpaper changers, and even Apps touted to optimize the Android device system.

Criminals Access Private Data

Also, the hackers have managed to disguise other harmful Apps and present them for victims to download and installed, giving the criminals virtual access to the private data stored on their Android gadgets.

And while these Apps disguised as virtual keyboards, system optimizers, wallpaper changers, and image editors may enhance the users’ experience, their primary purposes are to enrich the criminal hackers. Usually, these Apps are coded with obtrusive advertisements that earn income or the threat actors.

In some instances, Android users are conned into signing up for some promoted premium services, which could have them forking out hundreds of dollars each year. Above all, hackers that controlled these malicious Apps can access and hijack the social media accounts of their victims.

The recently uploaded set of malware was discovered by the Dr. Web antivirus team, which highlighted the dangerous software programs, that are constantly downloaded by unsuspecting Android users.

Host of Dangerous Apps

They have also highlighted three dangerous applications that remain accessible on the Play Store Apps platform. Even with Google quickly removing them, some are still there to be downloaded and installed on tech devices.

According to Dr. Web’s team of analysts, the adware Apps initially surfaced on the Google Play Store in May 2022. The harmful Apps are built to adapt themselves to the device’s battery saver’s exclusion list, thus, affording them to operate continuously in the background, even when not in use by the victim.

Individuals that have installed any of these Apps must manually uninstall them, as well as run an anti virus scan to completely remove all traces from their Android devices.

2022 Android Malware Apps

Neon Theme Keyboard – with a million downloads despite many unfavorable reviews.

The Joker App – is infamous for fraudulent signup of victims in premium services with expensive membership fees.

Water Reminder – has received 100,000 downloads; it is notorious for charges from adware loaded by WebView.

Yoga – For Beginner to Advanced – has 50,000 downloads; it carries out harmful background interference, and also charges fees for out-of-focus objects loaded through WebView.

YouToon – AI Cartoon Effect – is another App with malicious intent that was downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Pista – Cartoon Photo Effect – is another harmful App, along with YouToon, they’ve been downloaded over 1.5 million times.

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