Tor Browser Links for 2023

How to download and use the Tor Browser

Most people have already heard of the Dark Web. However, many do not know how to access the dark web services network safely. The Tor browser is the most utilized Internet browser that can keep you anonymous online. So, how do you access the Tor browser to stay safe while on the Internet? You can do this through the Tor App.

You can download the Tor Browser link below to get to the deep web. With the Tor browser, you can start surfing the Internet while protecting your identity from watchful eyes. Click on the link below to gain private access to the other side of the Internet – The Dark Web.

Tor Browser Download Link

To surf the Internet privately, first download the Torbrowser app. Try these two links below to get safe and direct access to the dark web.


The Tor browser is the same as the Onion router. It also allows access to the OG dark web hacking service called “Rent-a-hacker” by utilizing the below link.


Tor Project launches program to secure funding for software development -  Help Net Security

Where is the best place to download the Tor Browser

The Tor browser is the masterpiece of the; it is the most powerful and effective tool for protecting your privacy online. To set up the Tor browser is quite easy, you can find out how in this tutorial. The Tor browser is even more effective and secure than any VPN service.

Essentially, the Tor browser is just a modified version of The Onion Router. This is free and open-source software that protects your data when you are surfing online. It works by wrapping your private information in multiple layers. The uniqueness of the Onion router is that it encrypts your information in layers similar to as the onion in your delicious meals.

With its iron clad encryption; it has an encrypting router which securely protects private data from prying eyes. Your privacy and identity on the Internet are your number one priority. Therefore, with the Tor browser users stay anonymous on the entangled World Wide Web where danger lurks.

So, you might be wondering what’s the main difference? The Tor browser is completely different from your standard browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

Tor Browser App Download

The overwhelming difference is regular browsers direct searchers through single network system servers. Also, with these search engines browsers, third party websites steals your private data. The data collected enhances your browsing experience, but that means you could be spied on and your private data shared, and sold to online vendors.

While on the other hand, the Tor App connects you through the Tor network. This essentially means that you remain anonymous through a network of servers. And unlike the other search engines, there are no third party websites collecting or storing any of your private data.

The important aspect of the Tor browser is it protects you identity, and your location as well.

You want to surf the net and avoid third party vendors, therefore, Tor is the best browser. It will give you the best type of online security. With the Tor Browser, your identity protection is 100 percent. To gain access to the best anonymous web browser, simply download and install the browser.

So, how do you do that? Click this link to begin the process of accessing the Tor browser.

Tor Browser VPN Access

You should utilize a VPN to gain access to the Tor browser. A VPN works as a re router and an anonymizer that can bypass restrictions. A VPN would be the best way to connect to the Tor project website. Additionally, you can give a small donation, since the Tor project is a nonprofit organization. But it is your choice if you want to donate or not. Now that you have accessed the Tor project, you can simply download the latest updated version for the operating system.

Your next step is to click on the download tor browser link in the top right corner of the page.
You can choose the available version for Windows, Linux, or Mac computers. Once you click on the Tor version suitable for your computer, the download will start immediately.

And once that’s downloaded, all you need to do is simply open it. You will find that it is very similar to any kind of PC downloaded application. You must click the Tor browser download to add it to your application files.

Next, you want to click connect to Tor. However, if your country blocks access to the Tor network, a VPN will bypass that problem. You can configure your computer settings for the Tor network and establish a Geo-location connection.

Tor Browser Security with

The Tor browser uses as the dedicated search engine. This is the official and most used anonymous search engine for Internet surfing.

To check if you are connected to the Tor browser, check by typing into the address bar You will then receive a congratulatory message that states your browser is configured to use the Tor network.

In addition, you will be provided with an IP address, which is completely different from the regular IPs. After all that is set in place, you will know that you are connected to the Tor browser home page.

Tor Browser Security Settings

Now, you are ready to go through some of the settings within your Tor browser. First in line is the little onion icon in the top right corner of the home page. You will see an option for a new identity, with this new identity you will get a new IP address. This new identity will prevents browser activity from being linked back to you.

Furthermore, selection of the shield wipes out everything you have done on the Internet when you close your tabs. This action will clear browsing history and cookies storing your private information as you surf the web.

The Tor browser, will establish new circuits for all connections, even options to change your security settings. The next icon to configure is the little shield icon, you can click it to indicate the current security level.

Tor Browser Security Levels

Tor gives you the option of changing your security level from its standard-setting. Its advanced security setting is activated by clicking on the advanced security feature. With the safest setting, you can block certain web features that can be used to attack your security.

Tor security feature ranges from standard to safer and safest. You must select safest to block media javascript, which now can only be controlled by you. With the Tor browser, navigation is slower than browsing with Google or other search engines.

As mentioned earlier, searches through the Tor browser are directed through multiple network servers. And while it may be slower, it keeps you totally anonymous from third-party tracking websites. Above all, for your privacy; it’s a small price to pay. while you enjoys surfing the web.

About Tor Browser Circuit Tour

Another key feature is the tour circuit, the eye icon in the navigation bar will show that detail. The circuit tour shows all the steps taken to reach the websites you are navigating through. Thus, your tour circuit obscures your location while giving you optimum security as you surf all over the world.

However, while you enjoy the Tor browser’s privacy, always ensure that you are using the latest updated version. It is really important to prevent security flaws in outdated versions that could leave you vulnerable to dark web hackers.

Tor makes it easy to get the latest update of its software; you can click on the onion icon. It will show all Tor browser updates and prompt you to update your Tor Browser.

Above all, by utilizing the latest updated version of the Tor browser, you will be safe from third-party compromise trackers. With this Tor browser tutorial, you can learn quite a lot about the Tor project. It’s your ticket to stay safe online – At all times.